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Hand Tool Kit with Tool Bag - 47 Piece

This kit contains an open mouth bag, measuring 400mm by 230mm, complete with its own hand tool kit consisting of two pairs of combination and side cutting pliers, water pump pliers, claw hammer, tape measure, spirit level, hacksaw, 7 x micro screwdrivers, 10 x allen keys, screwdriver bit holder and 20 screwdriver bits including Philips, straight and star bits and a retractable knife. This kit will make an excellent gift for joiners, electricians, plumbers and hobbyists alike and at less than £1 per tool it represents exceptional value.

Only [34.95] | Save [55.00]

Set of 8 Bevel Edge Chisels
with Split Proof Handles

This bevel edge chisel set is instantly recognisable due to its bi-material handle design and metal striking cap. Guaranteed split proof, the handle prevents slippage, gives improved comfort during prolonged use and reduces vibration and hand fatigue. The set comprises of eight chisels, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, and 51mm.

Only [29.95] | Save [40.00]

Axe & Log Splitter Set of 3

This set is ideal for felling trees and branches, splitting logs and for chopping kindling. Contains small hand axe, large axe and a log splitting wedge. Both axe shafts and heads are perfectly balanced allowing for controlled chopping and felling. The splitting wedge is made from a profiled solid steel casting.

Only [18.68] | Save [51.27]

Set of 2 - Digital Angle Box
and Digital Depth Gauge

This pair of digital measuring gauges offer exceptional value for money and will prove invaluable when setting up machinery and structures... set accurate heights, depths and angles!....


• Digital Angle Box - Accurate to 0.1 of a degree
• Digital Depth Gauge - 4 x times the accuracy of other read-outs

Only [29.95] | Save [29.95]

Professional 7.5m Tape Measure
- Pack of 10

This set of 10 contains professional, easy to read tape measures that should not be confused with budget measures offered elsewhere. Measuring 7.5 metres the tape blade is 25mm wide and has easy to read metric and imperial graduations. The blade lock has a double action mechanism that prevents the blade from accidently retracting. A heavy duty rubber coating protects the shell of the tape measure if dropped.

Only [19.95] | Save [30.00]

8 Piece Metric Hex Key Set
with Stand

These metric hex keys have a large ergonomic handle that is designed for a comfortable grip and to exert high levels of torque. At one end of each key is a straight hex drive and on the other end is a ball hex drive. Contains 8 hex keys 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm.

Only [19.95] | Save [30.00]

5 Packs of 12 x Carpenter's Pencils
and Pencil Sharpener

These traditional, rectangular section carpenter's pencils are supplied in 5 tubes of 12, with 5 purpose designed carpenter's pencil sharpeners. The premium quality pencils measure 180mm in length and feature a shatter resistant medium grade lead. The geometry of the sharpener allows you to sharpen the pencils to a fine chisel point for precise and accurate marking.

Only [19.95] | Save [20.00]

5 Packs of 12 x Tradesmen's
Marking Crayons

Made specifically for trade use these crayons will work on almost any surface including wood, wet wood, metal, concrete, plaster and glass. They are water proof and wear resistant and are manufactured from a non crumble marking compound.

Only [19.95] | Save [20.00]

Gluebot Glue Bottles - Set of 3

Gluebot glue bottles are designed with a two chamber system that pushes glue from the bottom up through the secondary side chamber which ensures fresh glue every time. When you stop squeezing the glue out of the Gluebot the glue is sucked back into the bottle to stop the tip from getting dirty and glued up. This kit contains 3 x Gluebot bottles: 16oz, 6oz and 4oz for all of your cabinetmaking needs.

Only [19.95] | Save [10.00]

Pack of 20 x Shop Tubs

These handy shop tubs have hundreds of practical uses in the workshop or garage. They are ideal for loading glue, paints and finishes and are perfect for mixing waxes, oils, dyes and stains. Made from a glue resistant polypropoleyne they are easy to clean and due to their flexibility hardened glue can easily be cracked and removed.

Only [14.95] | Save [15.00]

Aluminium 2 Metre Folding Rules
- Pack of 3

These folding rules are an engineering classic and a must have for every discerning craftsman. Made from a special aluminium alloy with an anodised surface they feature a high contrast metric scale which ensures for a non-glare reading.

Only [14.95] | Save [30.05]

Set of 3 Cabinetmakers Rasps
- 250mm

This set of three rasps is designed for the cabinetmaker and woodcarver for shaping work in both hardwood and softwood. The blades of the rasps measure 250mm in length and feature exceptionally sharp teeth, that shave away the surface of the wood. They cut very quickly and will leave a clean, smooth or semi-smooth surface.

Only [16.95] | Save [13.00]

Japanese Carving Tool Sharpening Stones - Set of 3

Comprising coarse, medium and fine grits, this set of three profiled sharpening stones wil put the edges back on to gouges, V-tools, veiners and any other shaped chisel. Featuring a series of convex and concave surfaces, these stones will sharpen and hone blades inside and out.

Only [38.95] | Save [31.00]

Set of 3 Compact
Japanese Hand Saws

An ideal addition to any tool box, this set of three compact saws comprises dozuki and kataba saws, both capable of starting and making mid panel cuts and a ryoba saw. Ideal for all types of woodwork especially trim and carpentry applications, these saws are easy to use and produce a fine finish. These compact saws have soft grip handles.

Only [49.95] | Save [40.00]

Japanese Pattern Fast Cut Saws
- Set of 4

The four ultra sharp saws in this set will provide efficient cutting results for any joinery project. Each saw features Japanese style triple bevelled teeth that are diamond sharpened and hardened to give the keenest possible edge for the longest possible time. This will deliver you with clean and rapid cutting.

Only [39.95] | Save [30.00]

Set of 3 x 185mm Premium TCT
Saw Blades 24T, 36T & 48T

This set of three premium quality 185mm TCT saw blades comprises of a 24 tooth, 36 tooth and 48 tooth blade. These high performance blades will leave fine, feather free finishes in both hardwoods and softwoods.

Only [18.95] | Save [31.00]

Set of 3 x 250mm
Premium TCT Saw Blades

This set of three premium quality 250mm TCT saw blades represents exceptional value for money and comprises of a 24 tooth, 48 tooth and 80 tooth blade. These high performance blades will leave fine, feather free finishes in both hardwoods and softwoods.

Only [29.95] | Save [40.00]

Set of 25 Brad Point Drill Bits - Metric

This comprehensive set contains 25 drill bits ranging in size from 1mm to 13mm in 0.5mm increments. Made from high speed steel, these brad point bits have central spurs to keep the drill aligned in the wood and sharp cutting tips to slice through the wood rather than tear it for a clean accurate finish.

Only [16.95] | Save [13.00]

Set of 170 Brad Point Drill Bits - Metric

For use in hardwoods and softwoods and featuring nineteen different diameters of drill bits from 1mm to 10mm in 0.5mm increments, these sets have ten pieces of each of the 1mm to 8mm drill bits and five pieces of each of the 8.5mm to 10mm drill bits giving a total of 170 drill bits. So if a bit breaks, another is to hand instantly.

Only [39.95] | Save [40.00]

8 Piece Extra Long Auger Bit Set

Made from carbon steel, these auger bits are designed for fast, efficient deep hole boring and better waste removal. A spiral point pulls the bit in to the wood keeping it on course. This point is followed by a sharp spur which starts the cut which the cutting edge then completes.

Only [28.95] | Save [31.00]

Pack of 2 x Double Stacking
Roller Tool Box

Mounted on heavy duty wheels, this stacking tool box comprises of a large top box with a tote tray and two small fixings compartments, and a larger lower bin ideal for power tool storage. The top box measures 470mm wide x 260mm deep x 370mm tall. The lower tool box measures 470mm wide x 260mm deep x 330mm tall.

Only [39.95] | Save [20.00]

Folding Hand Truck
with Storage Basket

Designed to be fully compatible the folding storage basket simply clips in and locks onto the folding hand truck to make an excellent large capacity trolley... pack contains DK7213 - Folding Hand Truck - 60kg and DK7215 - Folding Storage Basket - 25kg.

Only [39.95] | Save [30.00]

Double Sided Japanese
Waterstone and Oil Kit

This complete sharpening set from Japan allows you to remove knicks, and sharpen and hone kitchen knives to a professional, razor sharp finish. The set contains a Japanese 1000 and 3000 grit sharpening stone and 120ml of Japanese knife sharpening honing oil.

Both Items Only [16.87]

Diamond Knife Sharpener Twin Pack

This knife sharpening twin pack includes a diamond kitchen knife sharpener and diamond knife sharpening steel... ideal for fast and accurate sharpening of kitchen knives, pen knives, garden knives and hunting knives.

Both Items Only [17.95]

Multi Tool 20 Piece
Professional Blade Set

Compatible with many brands of powered multi tool such as Fein Multimaster, Bosch, Smart and many others, this 20 piece professional blade set allows you to perform a wide range of tasks. 34mm and 68mm precision wood blades give you clean, rapid trimming of wooden doors, jambs and skirtings. 32mm and 45mm bi-metal blades will cut reclaimed wood, including any hidden nails, hardboard, drywall, plastics and even non-ferrous metals.

Only [24.95] | Save [15.00]

Double Pocket Hole Jig Kit

This portable pocket hole kit is perfect for all hobbyist and professional applications. It will create strong, neat joints on workpieces 1/2" (12mm) to 1 1/2" (38mm) thick and can be used to strengthen and restore joints without dismantling them. Its baseless design allows for quick and easy alignment and the magnetic frame means you can clamp the jig ready to use in seconds.

Only [29.95] | Save [16.00]

Single Pocket Hole Jig Kit

This pocket hole jig kit will produce pocket holes in confined and tough to reach places, including repair work where the existing joint cannot be dismantled. It is etched with a scale to accommodate the most common board thicknesses 3/4", 1" and 1 1/2", plus their metric equivalents 19mm, 27mm and 38mm.

Only [12.95] | Save [17.00]

25 Piece Chrome Vanadium Combination Spanner Set

This excellent 25 piece set of metric combination spanners are drop forged and hardened and heat treated in chrome vanadium steel. They then have a high chrome polished mirror finish which is easy to grip and easy to handle. Guaranteed for life any faulty spanner will be replaced without quibble, subject to correct use. We can highly recommend this set for the discerning home user, professional mechanic and industrial user.

Only [39.95] | Save [30.00]

22 Piece Industrial Socket Set

Designed for industry, workshop and construction use this premium quality set should not be confused with the array of budget sets found elsewhere. Manufactured to strict German DIN standards each and every component in the set is guaranteed for life. Contains the following: 3/8" drive ratchet, 17 x 3/8" drive sockets 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22mm, 3/8" drive universal joint, 150mm and 75mm extension bars and 200mm T bar.

Only [24.95] | Save [25.00]

Set of 5 Self Centering Hinge Bits
in Wooden Case

This set of five spring loaded, guided drill bits are purpose designed for fast and precise fixing of hinges. The external sleeve has a chamfered nose, to match industry standard screw heads, which locates the drill bit in the exact centre of a countersunk hole to ensure that the head of the screw remains flush to the hole.

Only [14.95] | Save [18.00]

Illuminated Inspection Kit
with Magnetic Pick Up

This illuminated inspection kit gives you the visibility and more importantly the reach to access lost parts and to also inspect hard to reach areas. Featuring three sizes of dentist style angled mirrors 21mm, 31mm and 38mm, this kit also includes a telescoping arm with an ultra bright LED light with magnet that the mirrors mount on to.

Only [24.95] | Save [25.00]

7 Piece Slot Cutter Tct Set - 1/2"

Extremely popular this 7 piece three wing slot cutting set is ideal for creating grooves, rebates and slots. Supplied in a strong wooden case with bearing and spacers. The cutters are 47mm in diameter. Set contents are: 1/2" shank arbor - 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" and 1/4" thick slot cutters.

Since their launch in 1998 these premium cutters are now the best selling cutters in North America. The bits are designed in anti kick back style in accordance with strict German DIN standards to ensure maximum operator safety.

Only [39.95] | Save [40.00]

Premium Waterstones - Set of 3

This is our best selling set of waterstones and is always a welcomed addition to a woodworker's workshop or professional kitchen. Consisting of 3 stones this collection will allow for the initial reshaping of a dulled edge using the 600 grit stone, through to adding a finely honed edge using the 3000 grit waterstone.

Only [29.95] | Save [60.00]

18mm Left & Right Skew Chisels
- Hornbeam Handles

Skew chisels are a workshop essential when it comes to precise paring or cutting and trimming hard end grain and burred timbers. The skew blades slice rather than tear leaving a perfectly smooth finish to your work. Made in Germany this set of left and right hand skew chisels have hornbeam handles.

Only [29.95] | Save [10.00]

Set of 6 Wood Chisels with Sharpening Stone

This set of wood chisels feature hardened steel blades with fine bevel edges and are ideal for general carpentry and joint making. The ergonomically shaped rubberised handles are split-proof for extra durability. Presented in a plastic case, this set of chisels also comes with a double sided sharpening stone.

Only [19.95] | Save [20.00]

Carving Tools - Set of 12
with Ash Handles

This set comprises 8mm straight spoon bit, 7mm concave gouge, 8mm round nosed chisel, 8mm straight chisel, 8mm V nosed chisel, 8mm left hand skew, 8mm right hand skew, 14mm straight chisel, 11mm 90 degree V-tool, 11mm gouge, 12mm gouge and a 15mm gouge.

Only [49.95] | Save [20.00]

Multi Purpose Micro Torch Set

Meeting the U.S.CPSC Child Resistant standard, this micro torch set is designed for pyrography, welding, hot cutting, soldering and de-soldering, brazing and heating of workpieces and is perfect for model making, electronics, jewellery repairs and for use in dental laboratories... it is also becoming increasing popular in the culinary industry when making crème brulees!

Only [34.95] | Save [25.00]
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