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Japanese Suminagashi Folding Knife

This spectacular knife is not only a thing of great beauty, it is also a joy to use. The hand forged blade is made up of 16 layers of stainless steel with an ultra sharp cutting edge and displays the beautiful suminagashi patterning. The brushed nickel handle features solid cocobolo inserts. Made in Japan.

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Japanese Damascus
Folding Knife - 220mm

Traditionally every person, adult and child, would carry one of these pocket knives. Known as higonokami, this knife is used for carving and whittling as well as for other domestic cutting tasks. The blade is curved like a samurai sword and pays homage to the days of the highly respected warrior whose image the knife handle bears.

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Japanese Folding Knife
- 170mm - Brass Handle

Steeped in Japanese tradition, at one time every man, woman and child in Japan would carry a pocket knife like this. The hand forged three layer blade is sturdy enough for whittling as well as for performing other cutting tasks and folds into the brass handle when not in use. Made in Japan.

Only [24.95] | Save [15.00]

North Man Folding Knife - 230mm

Attractive and highly practical, this pocket knife has a hand forged, stainless steel blade with laminated walnut handle cheeks. A cam lock keeps the blade in position during use and when finished, a single squeeze of the release mechanism and the blade folds away into the handle. Made in Japan.

Only [99.95] | Save [30.00]

North Man Folding Knife - 130mm

Ideal for general use such as model making, whittling or even opening sacks and bags, the blades are hard enough to retain their edges regardless of what is being cut and are easy to resharpen when required.

Only [69.95] | Save [30.00]

Hunter Knife - 220mm

This is one knife you will not want to be without around the garden, workshop, home or even out in the wilds trekking or camping. Not only is this a stunningly good looking knife, it performs effortlessly in any cutting task and has the benefit of a fully stainless steel blade. Made by a Japanese master blacksmith, this blade is hand finished to give the finest, sharpest possible cutting edge.

Only [199.95] | Save [150.00]

Hunting Knife
with Veneered Handle - 120mm

Supplied with a matching wood and leather sheath this knife is designed and made for use in the field, whether it be camping, hunting or even trekking and hiking, this knife will prove its worth very quickly. With its 120mm blade, this is a well sized knife not too small to be impractical but not too large to be cumbersome. It has a reassuringly solid feel in use and exudes a sense of reliability and purpose. Made in Japan.

Only [249.95] | Save [50.00]

Hunting Knife
with Veneered Handle - 150mm

Hand crafted by a genuine, Japanese master craftsman, this hunting knife is not only a tool to be appreciated but also one that should be used. This knife will give you a lifetime of unparalleled service and will achieve any task you ask of it without struggle or question. Each knife that Saji produces is steeped in a very rich and noble history and this is reflected in the sheer quality of the knives he makes and this one is no exception.

Only [249.95] | Save [50.00]

Hunting Knife
with Oak Handle - 240mm

With its 110mm blade, this hunting knife has many uses around the home, garden and workshop. The hand finished, multi layered blade features a core of blue paper steel, a carbon steel that has both tungsten and chromium added to it making it hard and also very tough. The blade is decorated with a black hammered finish giving the blade an aged, slightly rustic appearance. The shaped solid oak handle is practical without being uncomplicated and features a sturdy, brass finger guard.

Only [89.95] | Save [110.00]

Hunting Knife
with Blue Paper Steel - 150mm

This Japanese hunting knife has a sturdy 5mm thick, 150mm long blade and will make light work of the heaviest cutting tasks. Whether you use it when trekking, hunting, camping or even just in and around the garden, this knife is tough enough to rise to any challenge you set it. Made in Japan by a master blacksmith, the blade is hand forged, ground and finished bearing the signature of its maker.

Only [199.95] | Save [30.00]
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