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Chef's Hocho Santoku
All Purpose - 165mm

This traditional all purpose knife is made from 32 layers of steel and features a double bevel for left and right handed use. Used for cutting, chopping and slicing meat, fish and vegetables. Made using the very best traditional methods of the Samurai sword makers.

Only [99.95] | Save [60.00]

Micarta Hocho Gyuto
Fish & Meat - 210mm

This is an excellent mid sized chef's knife and will make light work of the everyday preparing of raw meat and fish prior to cooking. This knife will slice, dice and fillet. The ultra sharp blade glides effortlessly through anything you are cutting from the toughest swede to the ripest tomato and produces smooth, cleanly cut slices and dices without tearing or squashing.

Only [399.95] | Save [130.00]

Micarta Hocho Gyuto
Fish & Meat - 235mm

Translating as "cow blade", the gyuto knife is used for preparing raw meat and fish. This long bladed version will handle all sizes of task effortlessly and the straight edge makes the knife perfect for filleting, slicing and dicing.

Only [499.95] | Save [100.00]

Professional Hocho Kobocho
Paring - 105mm

Looking like a mini version of the santoku general purpose knife, the kobocho is equivalent to a paring knife and will peel, de-seed, clean and perform small intricate cutting tasks. It is easy to manoeuvre and handle making it a joy to use.

Only [188.95] | Save [61.00]

Professional Hocho Santoku
All Purpose - 165mm

The Santoku is an excellent all rounder in the kitchen. Used for preparing meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, this knife will slice, chop and mince and it is these three functions which has earned it the name of santoku name which translates as three virtues. The octagonal shaped handles are made from red sandalwood and feature buffalo horn ferrules.

Only [229.95] | Save [20.00]

Sushi Knife - Blue Paper Steel
- 390mm

This is a very impressive looking knife and when you realise what it is designed for, it becomes even more so. This very large, curved blade is ultra sharp and its main purpose is for the cutting of sushi rolls in to portions without squashing or deforming the roll in any way. The combination of blade weight and the sharp cutting edge allows the blade to cut under its own weight with no force required.

Only [199.95] | Save [60.00]

Sushi Knife
- Stainless Steel - 400mm

In the culture of Japanese cuisine and its related kitchenware, every knife has a specific purpose and this knife is no exception. The fact that such a large bladed knife is used for such a delicate task will prove to be more of a talking point than the knife itself. This knife is designed to cut and portion sushi rolls without squashing or causing deformation to the roll.

Only [289.95] | Save [100.00]


Designed to be fast and efficient, this Japanese peeler has an extra sharp blade and will make light work of the skins of all kinds of fruit and vegetables. The blade is hand forged from stainless steel by a master blacksmith and sharpened allowing it to cut skin and peel cleanly without tearing. The blade is mounted in such a way that it can pivot to follow the contours of the item it is peeling leaving a clean, consistent result.

Only [19.95] | Save [10.00]

Peeling Slicer

This peeling slicer has a fixed, straight blade allowing it to both peel and produce fine uniform slices of vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, radish etc. The stainless steel blade is hand forged by a master blacksmith and honed to an exceptionally sharp edge to give perfectly clean cuts without tearing.

Only [19.95] | Save [10.00]

Mini Slicer

Rather like a mini mandolin, this slicer will produce fine translucent slices and is perfect for use with aromatics such as ginger and garlic as well as small vegetables like baby carrots, radishes, miniature cucumbers etc. The stainless steel blade is hand forged by a Japanese master blacksmith and has an extremely sharp edge allowing it to cut tougher and fibrous food stuffs, like ginger, with ease.

Only [19.95] | Save [10.00]

Bamboo Multi Position Knife Block

We cannot think of a more appropriate way to house your collection of Japanese knives than in this attractive knife block. Constructed from solid, laminated bamboo, this block features six removable inserts that allow you to tailor the apertures in the knife block to suit the needs of your individual knives. The bottom of the knife block is loose and can be pulled out and used as a chopping board and has four rubber non slip feet underneath it.

Only [199.95] | Save [50.00]

Knife Block - 210mm

There is no better way to protect you precious knife collection than with a suitably impressive knife block. This knife block will hold four knives each with blade lengths up to 210mm and widths up to 80mm. The large slots are more than capable of accommodating the deep blades soba or usuba knives making it a practical choice in knife storage. This block is make from laminated strips of bamboo, an ideal material for use in a kitchen.

Only [99.95] | Save [50.00]

Gingko Chopping Board

A wooden chopping board is an essential companion to any knife collection as plastic, glass and granite chopping boards can very quickly blunt and damage knife blades. When you consider it, Gingko is the ideal wood for chopping boards. A native Japanese wood, it is tough yet supple and will not damage delicate knife edges unlike harder woods. Gingko also has excellent antibacterial properties and will resist water, odours and staining.

Only [99.95] | Save [30.00]

Japanese Cooking Shears

Sometimes, raw meat and poultry can be a struggle to cut regardless of how sharp your knife is. Skin, fat, gristle and even small bones can make a knife's job nigh on impossible. Just as sharp as a knife, these stainless steel cooking shears have thicker blades and offer you much more leverage than you would get with a knife allowing you to cut the toughest meats with ease.

Only [49.95] | Save [40.00]
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