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Christmas Gifts
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£30 to £100

Pinner & Brad Nailer Combo Kit

This nailer combo kit features an 18g brad nailer and a 23g micro pinner allowing it to take care of all of your finish nailing needs. The 18g brad nailer fires headless brads ideal for fixing mouldings, trim, window casings and picture frames and the 23g micro pinner is pefect for very fine nailing such as fastening glazing strips to windows or fine trims and decorative mouldings to cabinets and furniture.

Only [89.95] | Save [30.00]

Multi Purpose Micro Torch Set

Meeting the U.S.CPSC Child Resistant standard, this micro torch set is designed for pyrography, welding, hot cutting, soldering and de-soldering, brazing and heating of workpieces and is perfect for model making, electronics, jewellery repairs and for use in dental laboratories... it is also becoming increasing popular in the culinary industry when making crème brulees!

Only [34.95] | Save [25.00]

3" Xact Precision Woodturning Chuck

This 3" chuck is precision engineered and beautifully balanced offering a superior performance combined with rock-solid holding power and excellent load bearing capability. Used by over 100,000 professional and discerning woodturners worldwide.

Only [59.95] | Save [70.00]

Complete Jaw Pack - 3" Woodturning Chucks: Xact, Record SC3, Viper 2

This jaw pack contains the 4 x optional jaws to suit the Xact XT8000 Precision Chuck and all the jaws are fully compatible with Record SC3, Dakota XT650 and Viper 2 chucking systems.

Only [59.95] | Save [20.00]

Sign Crafter

Newly updated, the Sign Crafter now allows the user to rout signs up to 914mm in length with no limit on height as the included low profile C clamps give unrestricted clamping. The frame has been redesigned making it easier to assemble and to sit flat on the work for greater router support. The templates produce letters and numbers 63mm in height and are self spacing so there is no need for difficult layout calculations.

Only [49.95] | Save [20.00]

Pantograph Professional

With this new pantograph professional kit, you can use your router for sign making, tracing and duplicating. Any template that you can print out, you can rout. The kit is supplied with two font templates for routing signs and plaques, and creates your pattern at 50% of the template size.

Only [49.95] | Save [40.00]

Sign Pro

Creating signs is now quicker, easier and more enjoyable with the new Signpro kit. It is simple to use even for the novice woodworker, and it provides results that would satisfy the most seasoned cabinetmaker. You can make signs containing up to 18 characters in one go, and it is now even supplied with vertical numbers.

Only [69.95] | Save [20.00]

Feather Board Super Kit
- Pack of 4 with Double Stack Fittings

This Super Kit consists of 4 x feather boards, 2 x spacer blocks and all the mounting hardware needed to either create four individual feather boards or two double stacked feather boards for use with tall stock cutting operations. When used as individual feather boards the face height/thickness is 20mm and when used as a double feather board with the spacer block the face height/thickness is 75mm.

Only [39.95] | Save [30.00]

Set of 170 Brad Point Drill Bits - Metric

For use in hardwoods and softwoods and featuring nineteen different diameters of drill bits from 1mm to 10mm in 0.5mm increments, these sets have ten pieces of each of the 1mm to 8mm drill bits and five pieces of each of the 8.5mm to 10mm drill bits giving a total of 170 drill bits. So if a bit breaks, another is to hand instantly.

Only [39.95] | Save [40.00]

Angle Drill Professional

Give yourself access to those hard to drill areas with this new angle drill professional. The 90 degree drill attachment has an ergonomically designed soft grip handle offering greater stability and control when drilling and can be reversed for both left and right handed users.

Only [39.95] | Save [20.00]

Dovetail Jig Complete Package

This jig is designed for the discerning home woodworker and the professional cabinet maker for the small scale production of cabinet drawers and boxes. Robust in its construction, the body of the jig is made from heavy gauge steel pressings that will not flex under load and the template is precision CNC machined from aluminium for improved accuracy in your work.

Only [69.95] | Save [30.00]

Cabinetmakers Quick-Change Bit Set

Covering a wide range of drilling applications, this set of 39 quick tools on 1/4" hex shanks is perfect for the woodworker who spends a lot of time drilling and boring. This set features a standard quick release chuck for normal applications and a slimline holder for use with screwdriver bits and in narrow spaces.

Only [59.95] | Save [40.00]

Complete Door & Drawer
Making Set -1/2"

Featuring six router cutters, this door and drawer making set will allow you to produce all types of doors and drawers including cabinet doors and raised panel doors and drawer fronts. Featuring ogee rail and stile cutters and a matching undercutting raised panel door cutter, this set also comprises a drawer lock joint cutter, a reversible glue joint cutter and an edge moulding bit.

Only [69.95] | Save [70.00]

7 Piece Slot Cutter Tct Set - 1/2"

Extremely popular this 7 piece three wing slot cutting set is ideal for creating grooves, rebates and slots. Supplied in a strong wooden case with bearing and spacers. The cutters are 47mm in diameter. Set contents are: 1/2" shank arbor - 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" and 1/4" thick slot cutters.

Since their launch in 1998 these premium cutters are now the best selling cutters in North America. The bits are designed in anti kick back style in accordance with strict German DIN standards to ensure maximum operator safety.

Only [39.95] | Save [40.00]

Tenoning Jig

A tenoning jig makes light work of producing tenons, dadoes and grooves in wood when used on a suitable table saw. The back stop can be set anywhere between 90 and 45 degrees and the rest anywhere between 90 and 30 degrees letting you produce standard, mitre and compound mitre tenons for furniture production.

Only [69.95] | Save [50.00]

Matchfit Dovetail Clamps - Pack of 2

The breakthrough dovetail clamp arm design gives you the freedom to create your own track grooves using a dovetail router bit to clamp virtually anywhere. Matchfit Dovetail Clamp offer a versatile approach to achieving clamping pressure in hard to reach places or set-ups which allows for adding table extensions, fence extensions, custom track systems, and imaginative new ways to affix jigs in the shop. Sold as a pack of two clamps.

Only [49.95] | Save [20.00]

Precision Mitre Gauge
with Extendable Fence

This is a heavy-duty precision mitre gauge designed as an upgrade to economy mitre gauges that are frequently supplied with new bench top or floor standing machines. The slide bar is manufactured from hardened tool steel and measures 18mm wide by 8mm deep by 450mm long and will fit all industry standard tables. The 70mm tall extruded aluminium fence is telescopic and when fully extended is 600mm in length.

Only [34.95] | Save [15.00]

Premium Saw Tooth Bits
- Metric - Set of 16

This 16 piece set contains premium quality saw tooth bits that are fully resharpenable. Each bit is precision machined for true diameter drilling and accurately hardened and tempered to avoid brittleness. These saw tooth bits will drill cleanly and efficiently in both cross and end grain even in very hard timbers such as cherry and oak.

Only [59.95] | Save [20.00]

48" Long 3/4" T Track
- 3/4" Wide x 4 Pieces

Add extra functionality to any machine or work table with this aluminium mitre track. With its ¾" wide channel, this T-track accepts all industry standard mitre gauges and fences, feather boards, coping sleds and many other accessories. Compatible with the DK2053 Slider bolt kits, these T-tracks can be added to saw extension tables, router tables, sliding tables and workbenches.

Only [39.95] | Save [50.00]

Doweling Jig with
Interchangeable Bushing - Metric

This precise doweling jig will allow you to quickly and accurately create strong doweled joints, such as corner joints, surface joints and edge joints, and with it's ability to clamp both boards at the same time you can be sure of precise hole alignment.

Only [69.95] | Save [30.00]
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