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Set of 3 x 185mm Premium TCT
Saw Blades 24T, 36T & 48T

This set of three premium quality 185mm TCT saw blades comprises of a 24 tooth, 36 tooth and 48 tooth blade. These high performance blades will leave fine, feather free finishes in both hardwoods and softwoods.

Only [18.95] | Save [31.00]

Set of 3 x 250mm Premium TCT
Saw Blades 24T, 48T & 80T

This set of three premium quality 250mm TCT saw blades represents exceptional value for money and comprises of a 24 tooth, 48 tooth and 80 tooth blade. These high performance blades will leave fine, feather free finishes in both hardwoods and softwoods.

Only [29.95] | Save [40.00]

Complete Door Mortise Kit

Offering all of the templates you need to cut successful matching mortises for hinges, strike plates, and latch plates into interior and exterior doors without damaging the jamb or door frame. This kit includes 8 x templates, 1 x template frame, 1 x router bit, 2 x mounting nails and 1 x corner chisel.

Only [29.95] | Save [20.00]

Double Pocket Hole Jig Kit

This portable pocket hole kit is perfect for all hobbyist and professional applications. It will create strong, neat joints on workpieces 1/2" (12mm) to 1 1/2" (38mm) thick and can be used to strengthen and restore joints without dismantling them. Its baseless design allows for quick and easy alignment and the magnetic frame means you can clamp the jig ready to use in seconds.

Only [29.95] | Save [16.00]

Single Pocket Hole Jig Kit

This pocket hole jig kit will produce pocket holes in confined and tough to reach places, including repair work where the existing joint cannot be dismantled. It is etched with a scale to accommodate the most common board thicknesses 3/4", 1" and 1 1/2", plus their metric equivalents 19mm, 27mm and 38mm.

Only [12.95] | Save [17.00]

Pocket Hole Screw Kit - 700 Piece

Including six different lengths of screws, this 700 piece pocket hole screw set contains all the screws you could need for making pocket hole joints. The screws have T20 Torx heads, recognised as the industry standard head style by cabinetmakers worldwide as they give the best grip and will not round.

Only [19.95] | Save [20.00]

V Drill Guide Block - Metric

Manufactured in the USA with 17 metric drill guide holes ranging from 3mm to 9.5mm, this drill guide offers the stability and guidance that your drill requires to ensure each hole is drilled perfectly straight.

Only [29.95] | Save [7.00]

Japanese Fast & Clean Cut Wood Blades - 34mm - Pack of 10

With their Japanese style triple bevel edged tooth pattern, not only do these blades cut very quickly, they also make exceptionally clean cuts. Perfect for cross cutting and flush trimming, these blades slice through wood fibres rather than tear them to leave a perfectly smooth finish.

Only [24.95] | Save [45.00]

Japanese Fast & Clean Cut Wood Blades - 68mm - Pack of 10

These blades will cut all hardwoods and softwoods, laminated and faced chipboard, plywood, composite materials and soft plastics... the 68mm blade is flared to reduce friction when cutting, these blades feature the new universal cut out fitting.

Only [29.95] | Save [40.00]

Multi Tool 20 Piece
Professional Blade Set

Compatible with many brands of powered multi tool such as Fein Multimaster, Bosch, Smart and many others, this 20 piece professional blade set allows you to perform a wide range of tasks. 34mm and 68mm precision wood blades give you clean, rapid trimming of wooden doors, jambs and skirtings. 32mm and 45mm bi-metal blades will cut reclaimed wood, including any hidden nails, hardboard, drywall, plastics and even non-ferrous metals.

Only [24.95] | Save [15.00]

Set of 25 Brad Point Drill Bits - Metric

This comprehensive set contains 25 drill bits ranging in size from 1mm to 13mm in 0.5mm increments. Made from high speed steel, these brad point bits have central spurs to keep the drill aligned in the wood and sharp cutting tips to slice through the wood rather than tear it for a clean accurate finish.

Only [16.95] | Save [13.00]

Self Centering Doweling Jig - Metric

Create maximum joint strength and precise dowel alignment, with minimal set up. This handheld jig automatically locates the centre of the area to receive the dowel for accurate, one-handed alignment of 6mm (1/4"), 8mm (5/16") and 10mm (3/8") dowels in the creation of corner joints, surface joints and edge joints.

Only [24.95] | Save [15.00]

Cabinet Mate Multi Hole Drill Jig

This new, simple to use jig is the best way to make wobble free cabinet shelves. Simply line up the jig using an indexing pin and use the self-centering brad point drill bit to drill the holes. The 5mm drill bit is spring loaded to give a consistent cutting depth.

Only [24.95] | Save [15.00]

Electric Nailer & Stapler
with Impact Control

The first thing that you notice when using this stapler and nailer is the minimal levels of recoil. This is the result of a powerful 230V brush motor that drives the firing pin down onto the head of the fastener in one smooth, uninterrupted action. You can adjust the impact/driving force of the firing pin by rotating the dial on the rear of the gun. This nailer/stapler will fire up to 20 times per minute which is ideal when fast action is required when stapling fabric to chair and bed frames or when making frames for kitchen cupboards.

Only [24.95] | Save [20.00]

Heat Gun with Temperature
Control & 3 Fan Settings

This is a premium performance, premium quality heat gun that should not be compared with budget guns. The gun has three fan settings that control the speed of the heat and each of the three fan settings then has ten adjustable heat settings ranging from 50 degrees C to 600 degrees C at air flow rates from 250 litres per minute to 500 litres per minute. This allows for the heat gun to be used for many different applications on varied materials.

Only [29.95] | Save [10.00]

Cabinetmakers Electric
Brad Nailer & Stapler

This electric nailer allows for fast and efficient firing of 15mm nails and 8mm to 14mm staples. It features a jam free, quick reload magazine and can fire twenty fastenings per minute.

Only [18.95] | Save [20.00]

8 Piece Extra Long Auger Bit Set

Made from carbon steel, these auger bits are designed for fast, efficient deep hole boring and better waste removal. A spiral point pulls the bit in to the wood keeping it on course. This point is followed by a sharp spur which starts the cut which the cutting edge then completes.

Only [28.95] | Save [31.00]


This unique accessory is set to revolutionise the way drills are used. Imagine being able to drill a hole at any angle, in any tight corner without having to tie yourself up in knots and you have some idea of what the Orbiter can do. Consisting of a handle and two body halves all able to move 360 degrees independently of each other, the Orbiter gives you the drilling scope and capability never previously offered by any other angle attachment.

Only [29.95] | Save [30.00]

Flexishaft with Keyless Chuck

This flexishaft with keyless chuck allows your cordless drill or rotary tool to access hard to reach areas or confined spaces. Measuring 900mm in length this flexishaft has a much greater flexibility than most standard shafts and has a much narrower handpiece. An exceptional 5" bend radius creates greater application flexibility than products with stiffer shafts. The soft-grip handpiece gives a comfortable grip allowing delicate fingertip control, and is designed with a keyless chuck for easy accessory changes.

Only [19.95] | Save [15.00]

Self Centering Hinge Bits
in Wooden Case - Set of 5

This set of five spring loaded, guided drill bits are purpose designed for fast and precise fixing of hinges. The external sleeve has a chamfered nose, to match industry standard screw heads, which locates the drill bit in the exact centre of a countersunk hole to ensure that the head of the screw remains flush to the hole.

Only [14.95] | Save [18.00]

7 Piece Countersink Tapered Bit Set

Designed for boring tapered pilot holes for all common screw sizes, these bits have height adjustable countersinks controlled by a locking collar. The countersink cutter leaves a feather free finish and the pilot drill leaves a clean tapered hole that matches the taper on the woodscrew for maximum screw grip.

Only [12.95] | Save [7.00]

Drill Block - Metric

Featuring drill guides for six of the most popular drill sizes, this drill block will offer support to your drill bit ensuring perfectly straight holes every time you drill. These guides are made from hardened steel and are highly resistant to wear. The tough plastic body is contoured to give a firm yet comfortable grip and has both horizontal and vertical markings to allow you to centre your chosen guide perfectly; exactly where you need it.

Only [14.95] | Save [15.00]

Double Dowel Jig

The double dowel jig is designed for quick accurate jointing. Mark the positions of the dowels on the boards you want to join, line up the mark with the desired hole on the jig, clamp and drill. This jig has four different sizes of bushing to accommodate 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" drill bits (not included). Made from polycarbonate this jig has steel bushings and a steel vice style clamping mechanism.

Only [19.95] | Save [20.00]

100mm Locking Clamp Pliers with Quick Release - Pack of 4

Supplied as a pack of 4, these mole grip style locking clamps are made from hardened steel forgings, are corrosion resistant and have a large work piece clamping capacity of 100mm. The jaws swivel to allow for a parallel, even clamping pressure to be achieved. The extra long handles allow you to exert extreme pressure on the work piece for a rigid non-slip grip.

Only [29.95] | Save [30.00]
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