Christmas Gifts - Workshop Equipment £70 or more
Christmas Gifts
Workshop Equipment
£70 or more

16mm Bench Pillar Drill

Powered by a 500 watt, high torque induction motor this bench drill has 9 pulley driven spindle speeds ranging from 400 to 2500rpm. The main headstock is precision machined from cast iron and features a highly accurate quill and spindle assembly to ensure precise, consistent drilling of metals, woods and plastics. Standing 610mm tall and weighing over 21kg this is a very solid, very precise bench drill that is designed for professional workshop use.

Only [99.95] | Save [50.00]

165mm Plunge Cut Saw
with 1400mm Guide Rail

This premium performance saw can be used as a plunge, rail or standard circular saw. Powered by a 1400 watt high torque motor rotating at a speed of 5200rpm. Supplied with 2 x 700mm guide rails, rail connectors, rail clamps and a blade lock. This is an excellent fine finish plunge cut saw that we can highly recommend for sawing composite sheets, trimming kitchen and cabinet doors, sawing skirting and architrave and all other general sawing operations.

Only [99.95] | Save [70.00]

Brad Nailer & Micro Pinner
Nail Gun Kit

This kit combines an 18g brad nailer and a 23g micro pinner with a premium performance compact, low noise compressor which has been specifically designed for nailing operations. It also features 10 metres of highly flexible, non marring air hose and all of the relevant fittings.

Only [229.95] | Save [90.00]

Heavy Duty Mobile Base - Pack of 4

This heavy duty mobile base will allow you to move woodworking machines up to 180kg around the workshop with relative ease. The minimum square is 305mm x 305mm, maximum square is 864mm x 864mm and maximum rectangle is 457 x 1270mm. Ideal for table saws, bandsaws, planers, router tables etc.

Only [89.95] | Save [70.00]

Hushpower Vacuum
with Power Take Off

This is a premium quality, premium performance vacuum cleaner that we rate as the finest we have tested in our 20 years of selling vacuums. It offers all of the features required for home vacuuming, workshop and site use with over 50,000 having been sold in Germany alone. Supplied with a host of accessories... ideal for use with sanders, routers, circular saws and more.

Only [149.95] | Save [50.00]

Two Stage Air Filtration System
with Remote Control

This two stage filtration system filters airborne particles to down to 1 micron in size in workshop areas up to 4000 cubic feet (as an example a workshop measuring 7' high x 24' x 24'). Mounted at least 2 metres off the ground this unit can be positioned anywhere in the workshop, sat on a bench or it can be suspended from the ceiling using the supplied hooks and chains.

Only [169.95] | Save [50.00]

8" Wetstone Sharpening System

This water-cooled wetstone system will reshape, sharpen and create a razor sharp mirror finish to a multitude of tools including chisels, plane blades, knives, scissors, carving tools and woodturning tools. Features a 180 watt high torque induction motor that allows you to sharpen tools without stalling and a 220 grit monocrystalline grinding wheel that will sharpen the hardest of tool steels. 3 Year Guarantee.

Only [119.95] | Save [70.00]

Woodturning Lathe with 1/2hp
High Torque Induction Motor

This is a delightful lathe to use and runs extremely smoothly, with minimal levels of vibration and with the lowest noise level we have come across. So whether you wish to turn pens, goblets, fruit bowls, candlesticks, table lamps this woodturning lathe will give you endless hours of enjoyable turning.

Only [249.95] | Save [50.00]

Woodturning Lathe
& 3" Xact Precision Chuck

Contains the Woodturning Lathe with 1/2hp High Torque Induction Motor and the 3" Xact Precision Woodturning Chuck... precision machined and balanced body for superior work holding performance.

Only [299.95] | Save [130.00]

Woodturning Lathe &
3" Xact Precision Chuck System

Contains the Woodturning Lathe with 1/2hp High Torque Induction Motor and the 3" Xact Precision Woodturning Chuck System... the latest advancement in work holding systems for discerning woodturners.

Only [359.95] | Save [120.00]

Woodturning Lathe
& 4" Xact Precision Chuck System

Contains the Woodturning Lathe with 1/2hp High Torque Induction Motor and the 4" Xact Precision Woodturning Chuck System... includes dovetail jaws, large dovetail jaws, pin jaws, stepped jaws and button jaws.

Only [379.95] | Save [120.00]

Powered Router Table
with Height Adjustment

A motorised router table has one distinct advantage over standard router tables; it comes with its own motor meaning you don't have to tie up your hand held router in your table. This router table is perfectly sized for any workshop and can be bench mounted or floor standing when mounted on the optional stand. The 1500W motor is electronically controlled and gives a speed range from 8,000 - 27,000rpm; perfect for all diameters of router cutter.

Only [169.95] | Save [60.00]

Oscillating Bobbin Sander

New 2017 Model with new ultra quiet, high torque motor...
This bobbin sander comes with five different diameters of bobbin and combined with the spindle, offers six different sanding diameters of 1/2" (12.7mm), 3/4" (19mm), 1" (25mm), 1 1/2" (38mm), 2" (51mm) and 3" (76mm). This range of diameters allows the sander to work on anything from a tight curve to a gentle contour. The sander is supplied with six corresponding table inserts to ensure that the work piece is fully supported all the way up to the bobbin.

Only [119.95] | Save [30.00]

Bumper Pack of 12 x Sanding Sleeves for Oscillating Bobbin Sander

Consists of an 80g sleeve and a 120g sleeve for each of the six sizes of bobbin. These high quality abrasives are perfect for use on all woods and some plastics. Sleeves fit 1/2" (12.7mm), 3/4" (19mm), 1" (25mm), 1 1/2" (38mm), 2" (51mm) and 3" (76mm) diameter bobbins.

Only [19.95] | Save [10.00]

Heavy Duty Belt & Disc Sander

This is a heavy duty disc and belt sander and is ideal for all wood finishing applications whether working with or across the grain. Manufactured from cast iron and weighing an impressive 17kg this sander will remain rock solid under load. The belt has a sanding surface area of 100mm wide by 400mm long and runs on a two rollers that are driven by a high torque 370 watt motor.

Only [119.95] | Save [50.00]

12" Heavy Duty Disc Sander

Weighing 29kg, this cast iron disc sander is designed for professional, heavy duty applications. It is fitted with an 800 watt high torque induction motor which is very quiet in use. The motor runs at 1450rpm for effortless sanding. The body of the sander is solid cast iron, giving a strong and sturdy stance. The base of the sander is fitted with four rubber feet to give stability and prevent vibration.

Only [159.95] | Save [60.00]

Oscillating Belt and Bobbin Sander

This belt and bobbin sander will prove invaluable in the cabinetmakers workshop for sanding concave, convex, straight or multi-curved work pieces. Powered by a 450 watt low noise, high torque motor, that rotates the main drive spindle at 2000rpm whilst oscillating at a rate of 60 rise and falls per minute. The cast aluminium table is ribbed for strength and tilts through 45° to allow for the sanding of compound angles. You can change from bobbin to belt sander in less than one minute!

Only [189.95] | Save [80.00]

50 Litre
Wet & Dry Vacuum

This 50 litre capacity wet and dry vacuum represents exceptional value for money. The main drum of the vacuum is made from solid stainless steel that will not corrode or rust and its extra large capacity of 50 litres means that you will spend less time emptying it than most other vacuums. Favoured by joiners and general tradesmen it will collect both dry materials and liquids. The unit comes complete with 1.5m of flexi hose, 2 straight tubes, large brush head, nozzle, hepa filter and 5 metres of power cable. This is an excellent large capacity wet and dry vacuum that will offer solid high suction performance both in the home and work environment.

Only [99.95] | Save [20.00]

Heavy Duty Chip and Dust Collector
- 65 Litre

This chip and dust extractor represents exceptional value for money. It is designed for the small workshop for extracting dust, shavings and debris from table saws, bandsaws, router tables, planers, bench top and hand held power tools. It features a 550 watt 230V induction motor that is extremely powerful yet very quiet in operation, and a no-volt release switch with an emergency stop button.

Only [129.95] | Save [70.00]

Dust Deputy Deluxe Kit
with Two Drums

The award-winning design of the Dust Deputy® cyclone uses centrifugal force to cyclonically separate and remove over 99% of dust and debris from the air-stream before it ever reaches your vacuum's filter, eliminating clogged filters and suction loss! It can be used for a wide range of dust extraction and can also extract adverse materials such as: wood chips and shavings, dust, pet hair, garden waste, metal shavings, ash or soot and even heavy granulate powders and much much more!

Only [99.95] | Save [40.00]

Drill Doctor Model 500X

Designed for the professional or busy home workshop, this Drill Doctor will keep drill bits in perfect working order. Capable of sharpening high speed steel, carbide, cobalt, titanium nitride coated and masonry bits, this machine can sharpen both standard 118° and high performance 135° angles.

Only [149.95] | Save [40.00]

2016 Work Sharp Tool Sharpener
with FREE Knife Sharpening System

This sharpening system is taking America by storm by offering a new hassle free, jig free method of keeping all those tool edges razor sharp. Incorporating many new and innovative ideas, this is a dry sharpening system which features an air flow routed over the tool during sharpening to ensure the tool remains cool throughout the sharpening process.

Only [249.95] | Save [50.00]

Precision Sharpening,
Polishing & Rotary Machine

This compact yet extremely powerful machine is designed for the grinding, sharpening, polishing and buffing of tools, and has the added benefit of a flexible rotary shaft complete with hand piece. It is considerably smaller than a standard bench grinder but much more capable of preserving the profiles of tools when honing, shaping and polishing.

Only [69.95] | Save [60.00]

Heavy Duty Workshop Entrance Mat 1500mm x 850mm

This is an industrial quality entrance mat that will withstand hard daily use in the home, workshop, or factory environment. It features a heavy duty ribbed carpet surface with polypropylene fibres that work extremely effectively to scrape dirt, mud and moisture from footwear. The debris is collected in the carpet surface 'channels'.

Only [89.95] | Save [40.00]
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