Diamond Knife Sharpener Twin Pack

This knife sharpening twin pack includes a diamond kitchen knife sharpener and diamond knife sharpening steel... ideal for fast and accurate sharpening of kitchen knives, pen knives, garden knives and hunting knives.

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Diamond Sharpening Stone
with Knife Blade Guide

This knife sharpening kit combines a double sided diamond sharpening stone with a knife blade guide, use them together to create a consistent mirror finish and razor sharp edge on any kitchen, hunting or pen knife.

Both Items for Only [14.95]
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Japanese Waterstone
Knife Sharpener

Made in Japan this premium performance knife sharpener features a Japanese ceramic sharpening stone that sits in a bath of water. Suitable for the precise sharpening of all kitchen knives, pen knives and hunting knives including Japanese white and blue paper steel laminated knives and stainless steel knives.

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Japanese Knife Sharpener

Offering a rapid way to put an edge back on to carbon steel or stainless steel knives, this knife sharpener is simple to use and very effective. Sharpening each bevel separately, this sharpener can be used on standard double bevelled knives as well as the more specialist single bevelled knives for right or left hand use.

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Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

This two stage, electric diamond knife sharpener allows you to create a razor sharp edge on laminated, carbon, high speed and stainless steel knives. Favoured by chefs for fast and precise sharpening of Japanese kitchen knives. It features two ceramic sharpening stones encrusted with a diamond cutting edge.

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Diamond Knife Sharpener
with Suction Cup

Leaving both hands free to control the knife. This two stage, hand held sharpener will sharpen any carbon, high speed, laminated or stainless steel knife to a razor sharp, perfectly angled blade in minutes.

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Pocket Diamond Sharpener

This diamond sharpener is designed to be lightweight and portable so that it can be clipped to or stored in a shirt or jacket pocket. This general purpose pocket sharpener is favoured for sharpening hunting and pen knives, kitchen knives and fish hooks and is commonly used by woodworkers for intricate sharpening of router cutters and general tooling.

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