Gluebot Glue Bottles - Set of 3

Gluebot glue bottles are designed with a two chamber system that pushes glue from the bottom up through the secondary side chamber which ensures fresh glue every time. When you stop squeezing the glue out of the Gluebot the glue is sucked back into the bottle to stop the tip from getting dirty and glued up. This kit contains 3 x Gluebot bottles: 16oz, 6oz and 4oz for all of your cabinetmaking needs.

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TriGrips Work Piece Holders
- Pack of 12

These two-in-one TriGrips not only offer you the perfect non-slip, unobtrusive way of holding your work to the bench, they are also designed to be the perfect workpiece support when painting and finishing.

Sale [23.95]
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Cabinetmakers 90ft Sanding Pack

Contains three rolls of premium quality cloth backed aluminium oxide abrasive in 180, 240 and 320 grit. It is tear resistant and will last significantly longer than paper backed abrasive. Supplied in a neat box you simply pull out as much or as little abrasive as you require and then cut to length with scissors.

Sale [18.95]
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Twin Pack of Original and
Ultimate III Glues - 3785ml

This twin pack of two Titebond glues features 1 x US Gallon (3785ml) bottle of Titebond Original wood glue and 1 x US Gallon (3785ml) bottle of Titebond III Ultimate wood glue.

Sale [59.95]
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Pack of 100 x Cabinetmakers
Glue Brushes

Representing excellent value for money this pack contains 100 x disposable glue brushes. The brush shafts are made of thick walled tubular aluminium that are pressed at the end to tightly grip the nylon bristle head. The bristle heads are smooth and accurately cut to length to apply a consistent layer of glue.

Sale [24.95]
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25 Piece Drum Sanding Kit

Turn any hand drill or bench drill into a bobbin sander with this drum sanding kit. A firm favourite with all woodworkers, this set features five hard rubber sanding drums ideal for both flat surface sanding and sanding curves and contours. Mounted on steel shanks, these drums will fit easily into any drill chuck.

Sale [9.95]
Was [24.95] | Save [15.00]

Set of 6 Cabinet Scrapers

Offering the ability to scrape every imaginable profile, this six piece scraper set features both curved and straight surfaces. The high carbon steel scrapers will take and hold a sharp edge for fine scraping work and the three thicknesses of straight scraper will handle everything from finishing work to heavy duty removal.

Sale [19.95]
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Silicone Glue Brush Kit

Our new silicone glue kit complete with two glue brushes, spreader and funnel tray all feature the easy clean-up of silicone. You simply set aside after use and the dry glue will easily flake or peel right off. Alternatively you can rinse or soak the brushes, spreader or tray for easy clean-up when the glue is still wet.

Sale [14.95]
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All in One Gluing Kit

Complete with its own stand, this all in one glue kit has a range of tips and nozzles to suit any workshop gluing application. Kit consists of 8 x tips, applicator nozzle, glue brush nozzle, biscuit nozzle, glue roller, straight applicator, 2 x 8oz glue bottles, 2 x tip cleaning bottles and 5 x dowel tips to ensure correct amount of glue is delivered.

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Adhesive Tape Dispenser

Adhesive Tape

Sale [6.95]
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Set of 3 Cabinetmakers Rasps - 250mm

Set of 3 Cabinetmakers
Rasps - 250mm

Sale [16.95]
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White China Brushes - Shop Pack of 36

White China Brushes
- Shop Pack of 36

Sale [24.95]
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20 Piece Wax Kit

With its wide range of colours, this 20 piece wax kit will allow you to fill holes in any variety or shade of wood. Simply find the wax stick which matches the colour, rub in to the hole until the hole is filled, remove any excess with the included tool and buff up.

Sale [29.95]
Was [49.95] | Save [20.00]

Premium Foam Brushes
- 132 Piece Bumper Pack

Suitable for the application of enamels, latex, oil paint, stains and varnishes, these foam brushes will suit small to large scale projects. Bumper pack contains: 48 x 1", 48 x 2" and 36 x 3" chisel tipped foam brushes.

Sale [39.95]
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Retractable Workshop Knife

Workshop Knife

Sale [6.95]
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Pack of 25 x Plastic Razor Blades & Holder

Pack of 25 x Plastic
Razor Blades & Holder

Sale [8.95]
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High Absorbency White Knit Wiping Rags - 2kg

High Absorbency White
Knit Wiping Rags - 2kg

Sale [24.95]
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Jumbo Abrasive Belt & Disc Cleaner

This jumbo abrasive disc and belt cleaner will vastly extend the working life of abrasives by unclogging and removing trapped dust particles. Removing the trapped particles significantly improves and enhances the finish on the workpiece in comparison to using clogged abrasives which can burn or tear the surface of both hard and softwoods.

Sale [14.95]
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Japanese Telescopic Scraper
- 1250mm

You would be hard pressed to find a better scraper than this one. Not only does it have a large 100mm long scraping blade, it also comes mounted on a telescopic handle giving you that extra reach when you need it without having to climb up a ladder or clamber on to a stool.

Sale [38.95]
Was [59.95] | Save [21.00]
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