Digital Spirit Level - 800mm

This 800mm extra long x 25mm wide digital level not only shows you whether something is level or not, it also measures the angle it is set at... the screen will even flip the read out depending on which of its long sides are resting on the work.

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Digital E-Tape Measure

The woodworkers most commonly used tool and now it's gone digital to make measuring easier, faster and more accurate. Looking similar to a standard retractable measure it features a large, easy to read LCD display that can display and store measurements down to 1mm or 1/16". The digital read out will display in cm, feet, inches or fractions of inches.

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Digital Snap-Check
Machine Set Up Gauge

Setting up tools and machinery has never been easier, faster or more accurate. This tool will speed up and improve set up accuracy and is ideal for setting up planer knives, router cutter heights and circular saw blade cutting depths.

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Digital Height Gauge

This digital height gauge tool has been designed specifically for woodworkers to set saw blade and router bit height as well as measuring the distance from a router fence to the router bit. It also has the added advantage of being able to measure up to 70mm slot and mortice depths using the removable pin. A super-large easy to view LCD display reads in inches, fractions or millimetres. Precise accuracy can be achieved as millimetres are displayed in 0.01mm increments, decimal inches are displayed in .0005" increments and fractions in 64th's.

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16" Digital Spirit Level

Bringing spirit levels into the 21st Century, this digital offering not only shows you whether something is level or not, it also measures the angle it is set at. Constructed from extruded aluminium.

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Digital Angle Spirit Level

This digital spirit level allows for precision angle measurement for layout work and as a setup tool for setting mitre and bevel angles. It is perfect for transfer angle applications such as mitred trim work, crown moulding, roof slopes and wall corners.

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Digital Planer Readout

Eliminates the need for using calipers to check timber thickness. Measuring in metric and imperial this affordable readout accurately displays the thickness of the board exiting the planer.

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