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Drilling & Boring

zz_1zz_A Mortice
Chisel Sharpener
zz_5zz_G With a series of interchangable pilots
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zz_1zz_A Multi Hole
Drill Jig
zz_5zz_G Make wobble free cabinet shelves
zz_6zz_A TAKE A LOOK >>
zz_1zz_A Japanese Pattern
Chisel & Bits
zz_5zz_G Set of 4 most common sizes
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zz_1zz_A Drill Guide
zz_5zz_A Made in USA
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zz_1zz_W Metric Saw
Tooth Bits
zz_5zz_W For straight & angled holes
zz_6zz_W TAKE A LOOK >>
zz_1zz_W Access
All Areas
zz_5zz_W Drills at any angle
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zz_1zz_A The Only Bit
You\'ll Need
zz_5zz_G Expands from 22mm to 50mm
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