Water Stone Grinder

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Water Stone Grinder

Part No. DKW500
Powered by a quiet running 125W motor, this horizontal waterstone grinder represents excellent value for money. Unlike vertical grinders, the sharpening surface on this grinder is flat which eliminates the problem of concave bevels caused by the curve of a vertical sharpening wheel. This style of grinder also offers a larger grinding surface ideal for the accurate grinding of planer knives and other larger blades.

The design of the grinder allows the sharpening surface to wear more evenly meaning the stone requires flattening and overall maintenance less frequently. Built to our own specifications, this grinder features a premium quality 7" diameter Japanese waterstone wheel. Waterstones are preferable for sharpening as they produce a finely honed, razor sharp edge, unlike grinders with coarser, harder wheels.

This grinder has a top mounted water trough with adjustable water flow control to ensure the wheel is kept wet throughout the sharpening process. A foam rubber guard surrounds the wheel and prevents water splashing over the work bench and the dirty water is drained away from the stone into an easy to remove rear trough, making this the cleanest water cooled system we have ever used.

Rotating at a speed of 350rpm, the 1000 grit wheel hones the blade to a fine, sharp edge without the risk of damage to the blade through over heating. The 7 1/2" long tool rest can be angled precisely so any angle of bevel can be placed flat on the sharpening stone. A replacement 1000 grit stone is available as well as a coarser 400 grit stone for initial sharpening.

Highly recommended.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Peter Ward
    wonderfull bit of kit just what is required for my planer blades. The grinder arrived within two days of ordering found one of the holding knobs was damaged in transit,phoned Rutlands to tell them about it and had a replacement within a day.Thats GOOD SERVICE for anybody,so can recommend Rutlands to anybody.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Matt
    Out of the box superb. Ive bought (and took back!)two others recently, a clarke and sheppach - which are the same thing rebadged, but this is in a different league. I wanted it for jointer knives and 110mm makita blades - and yeah, brings em up sharper than a Hatori Hanzo! The jointer knife jig would have been great value at twice the price. Easy to set up (just use some shims under the jointer guide) and you've a pefect level to work from. Even the water is contained efficiently doing 12', not soaking my work bench like the other two did. No point buying a tormek at 700£, this is the kiddie. 24hr postage too. Very pleased. Very!
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: George Whitfield
    I bought this specifically to do planer blades. I have a 30 year old Scheppach planer/thicknesser which I could never get the blades sharp enough for teak and Iroko (very hard on blades) from so called professional sharpening shops. I have some newish blades, but still have the original 30 year old blades and thought I would practise on these first (in case I screwed up and ruined them, because indeed as the other review states the instructions are not very good and I wasn't quite sure if I was doing it correctly or not). End results with that 1000 grit stone? Absolutely brilliant. Never knew a planer could work so well. However, there are some problems that you have to take care of. Firstly, you need to practise keeping the blade parallel to the revolving stone and ensure you maintain gentle pressure as you move the blade back and forth over the stone (on the planer blade attachment, otherwise hopeless). However, because of the grade of stone it really takes you a long long time to get the blade honed down level. But when you do the results are fantastic. The problem is that there are no guides for the angle of the blade against the stone. It requires a 'feel' to do this. And if they are old blades, they in effect need 'grinding down' first before going onto this machine with the 1000 grit stone. So its very time consuming trying to grind down if you only have the 1000 grit stone. BUT when you get there and 'touch up the blades' I have never seen anything better. Maybe a good investment would be to get the 400 grit stone as well for shaping up the knife before honing because the machine comes with the 1000 grit grinding wheel, which is really for honing. I would recommend this machine for anyone wanting an economical way to really 'scary' sharpen their planer knives.
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Barry Aust
    Simple to order and excellent fast delivery. Easy to do small amount of assembly. Good value for money but little to compare it with. Instruction booklet a disappointment. Badly translated and very little on how best to use the grinder. Possibly some errors. Response to email request for help was of very little value. Quite pleased with sharpening results but would have like guidance on sharpening carving gouges as I do not know if I am using it in the best way.
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