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Waterstone Grinder & Planer & knife jig

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Waterstone Grinder & Planer & knife jig

Dakota    Part No. DKW500PACK
Representing excellent value for money, this waterstone grinder and planer knife jig offer the sharpening solution for any workshop. Powered by a quiet running 125W induction motor, this grinder will make light work of sharpening any blades. Unlike vertical grinders, the sharpening surface on this grinder is flat which eliminates the problem of concave bevels caused by the curve of a vertical sharpening wheel.

This style of grinder also offers a larger grinding surface ideal for the accurate grinding of planer knives and other larger blades. The design of the grinder allows the sharpening surface to wear more evenly meaning the stone requires flattening and overall maintenance less frequently. Built to our own specifications, this grinder features a premium quality 7" diameter Japanese waterstone wheel.

Waterstones are preferable for sharpening as they produce a finely honed, razor sharp edge, unlike grinders with coarser, harder wheels. This grinder has a top mounted water trough with adjustable water flow control to ensure the wheel is kept wet throughout the sharpening process. A foam rubber guard surrounds the wheel and prevents water splashing over the work bench and the dirty water is drained away from the stone into an easy to remove rear trough, making this the cleanest water cooled system we have ever used.

Rotating at a speed of 350rpm, the 1000 grit wheel hones the blade to a fine, sharp edge without the risk of damage to the blade through over heating. The 7 1/2" long tool rest can be angled precisely so any angle of bevel can be placed flat on the sharpening stone. The included, fully adjustable planer knife jig will accept blades up to 12" in length.

Featuring a four point positioning system to keep the blade perfectly parallel, this sharpening jig comes with a support bed which attaches on to the waterstone grinder. A replacement 1000 grit stone is available as well as a coarser 400 grit stone for initial sharpening.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Neil Moss
    I've been sharpening with water stones for many years and have never found anything to better them despite the amount of effort required. I bought this machine as soon as it came out and must say I am really impressed with my new, lazy way to sharpen with water stones!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: C Wilson
    This is the best way I've found to sharpen planer blades. This grinder gives me a nice flat bevel on my blades and using the finer stone puts a really sharp edge on them. I'd chose this over a vertical grinder any day.
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