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Fusion Hocho Usuba Vegetable - 165mm

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Fusion Hocho Usuba Vegetable - 165mm

Rutlands    Part No. JP1109
This vegetable knife has a slim 1.9mm wide blade making the knife very light in use and very comfortable when used for long periods. Designed for use in preparing fruit and vegetables, this knife makes very clean cuts and will even slice a ripe tomato with ease. These kitchen knives are the perfect fusion of stunning good looks and professional performance.

What really makes these knives stand out are their ergonomically shaped handles. Designed by a team of university researchers, these handles have been shaped to give you the optimum grip when using the knife at any angle. In real terms, when you hold the knife the handle becomes one with your hand, fitting perfectly into the contours of your palm. This gives you unbelievable control of the blade and the knives are so comfortable to hold, even the most labourious cutting, chopping and slicing tasks will be a pleasure.

The blades are all hand forged by a master blacksmith and feature solid VG10 stainless steel cores. The core forms the cutting edge and this particular stainless steel is ideally suited to the job as it is hard, durable and its fine structure allows it to take a razor sharp edge. Forge welded on to either side of this core, 16 layers of a slighty softer, much tougher stainless steel give extra support and strength to this very hard steel.

The blades all have the beautiful suminagashi patterning and each blade is unique in its pattern and features the signature of its maker. The integral tang sits deeply in the laminated exotic wood handles and is held firmly in place with two steel pins. These are exceptional knives and have to be used to be fully appreciated and we believe these are set to become a design classic.

This range of Japanese kitchen knives offers a perfect fusion between traditional manufacturing techniques and ultra modern styling. This gives you a selection of kitchen knives that not only look stunning but also perform to the very highest standards. The slender blades are made up of 32 layers of steel and display the characteristic suminagashi marbled pattern.

Made from the finest stainless steels, the blades are rust proof and will withstand the demands of any kitchen. The handles are ergonomically designed and shaped to give a more secure, more comfortable grip making these knives a joy to use even on the largest chopping or slicing task. Made from laminated exotic hardwood, the dark handles offer the perfect balance to the bright, steel blades.

Long tangs anchor the blades in the handles giving these knives a solid feel in use. Unusual in design these knives are highly practical and very attractive. Japanese kitchen knives are some of the finest knives you can buy. The cutting edges are made from much harder steel than European kitchen knives allowing them to take a finer, sharper edge. A sharp knife is far safer to use than a dull one as it does not require any force from the user when cutting; it should cut under its own weight alone.

These knives, both western and traditional Japanese styles, are all made from the finest steels and feature solid or laminated wooden handles. Age Restricted Product - It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase this product. By placing an order for this product, you confirm you are 18 years of age or over.

The blade of this knife is rust proof.
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  • Blade Thickness 1.9mm
    Brand Rutlands
    Country of Origin Japan
    Overall Length 295mm
    Weight 165g
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  • Rating: review score 3
    Written By: Jason Caddy
    Great blade, but super brittle
  • Copyright Rutlands Limited 2000-2017
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