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Japanese Oak Concave Plane - 18mm

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Japanese Oak Concave Plane - 18mm

Part No. JP1431
Used for cutting flutes and channels, this concave plane features a convex sole and matching convex blade. The blade is mounted in the white oak body without chip breaker, but due to the full contact with the plane body and the blade's thickness, the blade produces an exceptionally clean cut regardless of depth. The basic design of the Japanese plane has altered very little throughout the centuries and it is easy to see why.

A simple concept of a sharp iron blade held in a wooden body works very effectively. This assembly is pulled towards the user rather than pushed and because of this, the plane is more accurate and less fatiguing to use. The wooden bodies are less likely to mark or damage the surface of the work that metal bodied planes and when required, are much easier to flatten.

These planes all feature bodies made from Japanese white oak, a hard, straight grained wood favoured for use in woodworking tools. Tapping the blade on top with a hammer or mallet allows you to set the depth of cut. To release the blade from the body, strike the back of the plane body.
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  • Blade width 18mm
    Country of Origin Japan
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