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No 4 Smoothing Plane

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No 4 Smoothing Plane

Anant    Part No. O4
The No 4 smoothing plane is the ideal all-purpose plane in the workshop being able to fulfil general smoothing, trimming and odd job tasks. This plane is built to be used in the workshop or out on site and will handle smoothing or trimming task you ask of it. Constructed from high grade cast iron, the body and frog are precision machined to fit together perfectly offering total support for the blade and ensuring a smooth, chatter free cut.

The lateral adjustment mechnism gives you absolute control of the blade set up. The sole and sides are accurately ground and polished for flatness and the top of the body is enamelled for greater durability. Hardened to Rc-58, the 51mm wide blade is fully adjustable for both coarse and fine cutting and can be honed to a razor sharp edge. The shaped rosewood handle and knob offer improved user comfort and excellent control, even during prolonged use.

This plane has a 267mm sole and weighs 1.8KG. Anant have been manufacturing woodworking planes and accessories for over 50 years. These planes feature precision machined cast iron bodies, high carbon steel blades and solid Indian rosewood, cast iron or ABS plastic handles. The high standard of these tools makes them perfect for everyone from the discerning home woodworker to the professional carpenter.

In a test of seven similar planes, the American Woodworker Magazine awarded the Anant No 5 Jack plane "Best Buy". These are quality planes at value for money prices.
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  • Rating: review score 1
    Written By: Ben Green
    Not sure if I was unlucky and got a dud, but I thought the product was fairly poor. I wasn't expecting the blade to be sharp, but this thing had a visibly flat edge, you'd need to take it to a bench grinder before using any kind of stone. The yoke was *very* loose, the wheel kept getting stuck, the parts were poorly machined (not square/wonky and in some cases bent). In general, it just felt very cheap and not reflective of the price tag. I returned it and got a full refund (excellent customer service btw Rutlands!)
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Fred F
    Out of the box the mouth was'nt square, everything else was perfect. After a two-minute filing and a little honing got perfect shavings. I will definitely buy Anant again, probably the no. 7.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Unknown
    Bought this bench plane purely because it was on special offer. It is a good looking plane and does do its job, however, it does lack refinement, on my plane the handle has not been particularly well finished.But considering the price it was good value. Really thick cutter which hones great.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Unknown
    This is a marvellous smoothing plane. It''s well made; the components fit together snugly so there is no chatter when it cuts, the blade hones to a nice, sharp edge and it leaves a beautifully smooth finish. Would definitely buy Anant again.
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