10" Wetstone Sharpening System

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10" Wetstone Sharpening System

Rutlands    Part No. RTZ1000

Product Features:
• 160 watt high torque induction motor with variable speed control
• Adjustable torque control allows you to sharpen larger tools with ease
• 250-grit monocrystalline alumina grinding wheel sharpens the hardest tool steels
• Leather-faced honing wheel will achieve your desired mirror finish
• Extended water trough protects the machine and your workbench from dripping water

Sharpening System includes:
• 10" Water-Cooled Wetstone Sharpening System
• Straight Edge Jig
• Stone Grader
• Angle Setting Jig
• Honing Paste

This water-cooled wetstone sharpening system offers an ever larger variety of ways to sharpen a multitude of tools to both the amateur and professional alike. With its 160W high torque induction motor with torque control, a 250-grit monocrystalline alumina grinding wheel and a leather-faced honing wheel, you can sharpen your tools to a precise edge and achieve the desired mirror finish you require in an easy, comfortable fashion.

The motor's torque control is designed to prevent the machine from stalling when you sharpen larger tools. Easily adjusted by using the knob on the front of the unit, the torque control changes the main drive shaft of the motor, meaning the leather faced honing wheel is also adjusted. In addition to this, the 160W motor has variable speed control, ranging between 90-150 rpm. This speed control is designed to be changed when the grinding wheel wears away over time so that the peripheral speed of the wheel grinding your tool can always be maintained.

The system comes with an extended water trough which collects water dripping from long bladed tools that would otherwise wet your machine and workbench. The supplied grinding wheel is a 250-grit monocrystalline alumina wheel which flows comfortably through the water trough at its base and will grind even the hardest of tool steels. This wheel can be changed to a finer grade stone using the supplied stone grader and also, when using the side grinding wheel jig, can be used to sharpen more acute bevels. On the opposite side of the system to the grinder is a leather faced honing wheel which you can use to hone and polish your tools. Used alongside the supplied honing paste, this leather wheel will give you the desired mirror finish to your edge tools.

The system features a carry handle for easy transportation and rubber feet to prevent vibration, allowing for a quiet comfortable sharpening experience. Supplied with a straight edge jig, a stone grader, an angle setting jig to ensure you can achieve the desired bevel angle for every tool, and some honing compound paste to help produce a mirror finish to your edge tools.

Please note: RTZ1000 is not supplied with the support arm and extension, these are shown for illustration purposes only
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  • Brand Rutlands
    Motor 160 watt
    Speed 90 - 150 rpm
    Weight 10.5kg
    Dimensions 406mm x 305mm x 300mm
    Grinding Wheel Diameter 250mm
    Grinding Wheel Width 50mm
    Grinding Wheel Grit 250
    Honing Wheel Diameter 220mm
    Honing Wheel Width 30mm
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: J R
    Bought this version as i couldn't justify the Tormek price. Very happy with it and will recommend to any one who needs sharp tools.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Mr. B. Rider
    As a wood-turner, predominately using exotic hardwoods I have to regularly regrind and hone my HSS tools. I find this sharpening grinder excellent at both functions. I purchased the wood turners set which includes the truing tool. This is a necessity as you will need to true the stone after prolonged sharpening. The build quality is very good and it runs very quietly. Two other people in my club have just ordered them based on seeing my machine. Any commission Rutlands!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Paul Akers
    Agree with the other reviewer - apart from Tormek they are all the same. Check the price of the jigs - there are some vast differences in price for exactly the same products. I also bought the hand tool jig set which works out very sensibly.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: P Davidson
    I have been trying to decide between a Tormek, Jet, Record Power and this sharpener. I eliminated the Tormek as it was outside of my budget by quite some distance. Thereafter the remaining machine appear very similar in design and specification. The Record has simply had a cosmetic change to where the switch is situated but apart from that I came to the conclusion that all three models come from the same factory. I opted for the Rutlands version purely on price and that I preferred the colour scheme. I am very pleased with its performance. I purchased a diamond truing tool to re work the stone, as I wore groves in it when sharpening a 1/4" spindle gouge. Runs very quietly and very smoothly. Excellent choice.
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