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Auto Lock Clamp for 1/2" T Track

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Auto Lock Clamp for 1/2" T Track

Rutlands    Part No. DK7046

• Clamps slide into any T Track that accepts 5/16" T bolts
• Knurled wheel secures the clamp to your T Track
• Bottom-mounted alignment pins can be repositioned at 45° for angled clamping
• Adjustment screw is easily accessible through a hole in the handle...
  and adjusts clamping pressure from upto 500lbs
• Non-slip pad on base of clamp prevents unwanted shifting
• Clamp face also features a pad that prevents marring your workpiece
• Angled notch in clamp face cradles outside corners and irregularly shaped objects

Compatible with the new '2016 Range' of Dakota DK2052 48" Long 1/2" T Track...

Manufactured from rugged steel and aluminium construction, you will find that tightening this new Auto Lock T Track Clamp is literally an open and shut case. You simply slide the clamp face up to your work and close the lever. Once set, the clamping pressure is always the same regardless of workpiece size, and is adjusted only if needed with the set screw. Since the clamps apply pressure from the side, the top of your workpiece is unobstructed for easy machining and sanding. The bottom mounted pins slide inside the mitre track for stability, and can be shifted for 45° angle clamping for mitres and irregularly shaped objects. The clamp arm has a travel of 90mm, allowing you to easily clamp items that lie in between T-Tracks. They will clamp to any industry standard 1/2" T Track that accept 5/16" T bolts. The clamp face has a no mar finish and measures 65mm by 22mm.

* Please note - does not come supplied with mounting bracket accessory
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Alan Webb
    Very useful piece of kit. I have just made a clamping table using t track and this makes life easier to hold small pieces of wood without clamps getting in the way.
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