Beadlock Kit

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Beadlock Kit

Rutlands    Part No. 34802

• Make mortice and tenon joining simple, efficient and easy
• Includes anodised drill block, 3/8" HSS drill bit, four 0.060" shims and two 0.030" shims
• Supplied in a plastic moulded carry case

Mortice and tenon joints are incredibly strong which is why they are commonly used for weight bearing joints in furniture as well as for doors and other similar projects. Until recently, there has been no easy way of creating these joints accurately for a perfect fit. The Beadlock loose tenon system makes mortice and tenon joinery simple, efficient and easy to do with just a power drill.

A mortice is created by drilling a series of overlapping holes using the included jig. Mortices are cut on both sides of the joint and then joined together using the beadlock tenons. The ribbed profile of the tenons give them a larger surface area than conventional tenons which translates into a greater gluing area and a far superior joint. Ideal for any size of project the tenons can be cut down for smaller work by cutting off some of the beads.

This extremely simple system even works with angled joints and curved work pieces. For stock 3/4" thick and larger. This basic kit is supplied with anodised drill plate and drill block, 3/8" HSS drill bit, four 0.060" shims, two 0.030" shims all supplied in a moulded plastic case.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Victor Kirk
    Firstly, five stars as it is a decent bit of kit and matches the description. However, do wish I realised that it doesn't come with any tenon stock, if I'd noticed that I would never have bought this, the description does not say it would but I incorrectly assumed that that was an oversight. All other manufactures that I've looked at supply stock with theirs, I had hoped to try that, but you can soon create your own loose tenons if you have a thicknesser and chisel out the mortise. I may still buy a router bit to create the intended stock, but without a sample I doubt I'll buy any prefabricated stock.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Michael Hall
    Great bit of kit, as an amateur woodworker with limited skills, space and budget this was well worth the money to make strong joints with little effort.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Terry Clifton
    This is by far the easiest way I have found of making mortice and tenon joints. No fine tuning of mortise or tenon is needed, just line up and drill. The tenon stock is good quality birch so even though it's a loose tenon system, there's lots of strength in the joint. This is definitely one of the best jigs I've ever bought.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Alberto
    An excellent product. Making mortise and tenon joints is a breeze with this system, it is extremely flexible and also making mortises on arched doors is possible with ease. Joints are very strong and in the end it is possible do decide the depth of cut and also to make a narrower joint if needed making fewer holes (you need 5, but you can make 3 and rip the tenon stock to size). Get good clamps because good clamping is key to success and also glue a strip of sandpaper to the jig to avoid slippage. Highly recommended.
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