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Chef's Hocho Santoku All Purpose - 165mm

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Chef's Hocho Santoku All Purpose - 165mm

Rutlands    Part No. JP1126
This traditional all purpose knife is made from 32 layers of steel and features a double bevel for left and right handed use. Used for cutting, chopping and slicing meat, fish and vegetables. Made using the very best traditional methods of the Samurai sword makers, this range of kitchen knives are certain to impress even the most discerning cook or chef.

The master blacksmith who hand forged the blades comes from a traditional blacksmithing family and was apprenticed to a master knife maker in Takefu at the age of 14. Many years later he is now a highly respected knife maker in his own right and his skill is evident in the fine blades he produces. The blades on these knives have a blue paper steel core with layers of low alloy steel forge welded over the top.

Blue paper steel is a carbon steel with added tungsten and chromium. Not a hard as the white paper steel, blue paper steel is tougher and will withstand heavy everyday use. These knives will sharpen to a razor like edge, cutting effortlessly through whatever foodstuff you are preparing. Forge welded over the top of this core are layers of a softer, tougher low alloy steel that protect the core and cutting edge in use.

This range of knives features both single and double bevel edge blades. Where the blade is single bevelled, the core has 16 layers of low alloy steel on the side of the bevel and is exposed at the back. For double bevelled knives, both sides of the core has 16 layers of steel making 32 layers in total. These layered blades feature the stunning suminagashi patterning characteristic of Japanese kitchen knives.

Forged with integral tangs that are seated deeply within the magnolia wood handles, the blades are strong and hardwearing. Buffalo horn ferrules give extra support to the blade and handle assembly for even greater strength in use. These professional quality knives demand to be used and, perfect in their form, will tackle any job you ask of them flawlessly.

Outstanding knives worthy of any professional's kitchen. Hand wash only. These knives are not rustproof. Japanese kitchen knives are some of the finest knives you can buy. The cutting edges are made from much harder steel than European kitchen knives allowing them to take a finer, sharper edge. A sharp knife is far safer to use than a dull one as it does not require any force from the user when cutting; it should cut under its own weight alone.

These knives, both western and traditional Japanese styles, are all made from the finest steels and feature solid or laminated wooden handles. Age Restricted Product - It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase this product. By placing an order for this product, you confirm you are 18 years of age or over.
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  • Blade Thickness 2.6mm
    Brand Rutlands
    Country of Origin Japan
    Overall Length 310
    Weight 110g
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  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Holly Drennan
    Can tell the difference instantly
    A friend recommended having a Japanese knife to me after seeing the cheap piece of rubbish I was using before. I took a bit of convincing as they do cost more than I would usually spend. However, after giving in and purchasing this Santoku I was sold instantly. It's like nothing I have ever used before. The cutting edge is unbelievable sharp and feels effortless to use. Will definitely be purchasing more from this collection
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