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Clear Cut Saw Stock Guides for Table Saws

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Clear Cut Saw Stock Guides for Table Saws

Jessem    Part No. 4310

• Designed and manufactured in Canada from the best quality CNC anodised aluminium
• Hold work flat against the table, and square to the fence
• 5 degree angled roller guides provide a superior firm grip
• One-way needle roller bearings ensure one-way stock travel preventing any kick-back
• The extra pair of hands you need when sawing
• Contains: 2 x stock guides, 1 x 30" T-slot mounting track and mounting hardware

These brand new, innovative stock guides for your table saw are both designed and manufactured in Canada from the best quality CNC anodised aluminium. Cleverly designed to firmly hold your stock whilst being passed across your table saw, the stock guides work under spring pressure which ensures your work piece is held firmly in place.

The rollers are mounted with a one-way needle roller bearing to prevent kick back, meaning a safer, more precise cut can be made. Easy to set up, the roller arms simply pivot vertically and then lock into place, with a total travel of 80mm meaning a maximum stock thickness of 24mm can be guided. The roller bearing then pulls the stock towards your fence, due to their 5 degree operating angle, allowing you to effortlessly pass your stock across your table. The locking system also allows the guides to be securely moved out of the way when you're cutting larger stock that is over 24mm, allowing you to still your use fence without being limited on space and having the hassle of disassembling the entire unit, unlike when using featherboards.

Due to the strength and sturdy construction of each guide, you can use them individually when two are not necessary, the same safety kick back prevention and 5 degree angle is equally as functional in one guide as with a pair. Supplied with a 760mm T track section for the guides to mount to, the stock guides themselves and all necessary fixings, these new, professional looking brushed aluminium clear cut stock guides for your table saw will take your workshop safety and precision to a whole new level. Recommended for every woodworker.
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  • Brand Jessem
    T Track Length 760mm (30")
    T Track Width 50mm
    Guiding Capacity 1mm - 24mm
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Tim Robinson
    This is worth the money. An absolute game changer as far as safety and accuracy goes
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Peter Dean
    I purchased the item back in March of this year (2015) and as expected from JESSEM the quality was first class. I had to make up a new table saw fence to accommodate this product. Once that was completed it worked perfectly. It handled small and 8x4 sheets just as well. It really holds the stock up to the fence, not drifting off at all. From the safety aspect it has proven itself. If there is a drawback it's in the price, but what price does one pay for accuracy and safety! RUTLANDS yet another product winner from JESSEM.
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