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Diamond Knife Sharpener with Suction Cup

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Diamond Knife Sharpener with Suction Cup

Rutlands    Part No. DK7102

• Locks rigidly to any smooth and clean work surface
• Diamond encrusted ceramic sharpening wheels
• Two stage sharpening to create razor sharp edges
• Ideal for sharpening kitchen knives, pen knives and garden knives
• Compact for easy storage in kitchen drawers

The body of the sharpener is constructed of ABS plastic for durability and features a suction cup. The suction cup lever forces the large round suction pad down, locks the sharpener onto any smooth and dry work surface, leaving both hands free to control the knife. This two stage, hand held sharpener will sharpen any carbon, high speed, laminated or stainless steel knife to a razor sharp, perfectly angled blade in minutes. It features ceramic sharpening stones which are encrusted with diamond particles. The coarse stone will remove chips, nicks and any rough sections from your blade and the fine stone will then sharpen and hone your blade to a precise, refined edge.

The slots at each stage of the sharpener allow your knife to be positioned for the sharpening of both single and double bevel edge blades. 3 to 4 passes of your knife, from the heel to the tip of the blade, will show you how easy sharpening your knives should be. This premium performance sharpener is ideal for chefs, woodworkers, fishermen or gardeners, who require a cost effective, easy to use knife sharpener for their whole knife collection. Measures 180mm x 70mm x 50mm.
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