Dowelling Jig - Metric

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Dowelling Jig - Metric

Jessem    Part No. 8350

• Now supplied in Metric
• The most accurate and easy to use dowelling jig... Precision made in Canada by Jessem
• Create 8mm dowel joints on the end or face of your work
• Perfect for multiple dowel hole configurations
• Built in alignment slot precisely aligns dowel holes
• Precise 2mm increments - adjustable from 6mm to 100mm
• Adjust the drill guides without removing the jig from the workpiece
• Watch the video online and be impressed!

This CNC machined dowelling jig is manufactured in Canada by Jessem and is designed to be the most versatile, accurate and easy to use jig on the market. It has two key features that set it apart from any other dowel jig on the market. First of all you can adjust the plate that holds the drill guides in 2mm increments without having to remove the jig from the work piece. This feature enables you to drill parallel rows of dowel holes extremely quickly and with pin point accuracy. The second key feature is that a slot at one end of the plate is aligned with the centre dowel hole drill guide. This makes drilling mating holes for an edge joining fast and simple.

Click the video link above to see this unique jig perform dowelling like never before!...

You start by drilling holes in the first edge of your board and inserting the dowels. Then clamp the mating board face to face to the first board. Place the slot in the jig over the dowel and then drill a hole through the centre bushing. This ensures that the hole in the mating board is perfectly aligned with the hole in the first board saving you meticulous set up and layout time. Complete with five 8mm drill guides, an 8mm drill bit, 8mm stop collar and an 8mm indexing pin, this jig is quite simply the most accurate and easy to set up dowelling jig we have ever used. Maximum edge to centre distance for dowel holes is 50mm. Highly recommended by Rutlands. ©

* Please note: imperial version is shown for illustration purposes only - the jig is supplied in metric
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  • Brand Jessem
    Incraments 2mm
    Incramental Range 6mm - 100mm
    Dowel Size 8mm
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Pascal Canning
    This is an expensive piece of kit, and I mulled over it for a while before buying. This is a well designed and well made doweling jig, and probably the best.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Nic Murray
    This has to be the simplest and easiest to use jig. As ever Jessem have produced a beautifully made tool. It is intuitive to use. The YouTube video is great. There is the minimum of marking out required and if you follow working from the face edge and side then it is so easy to get perfect joints. If I was to quibble it would be that Rutland's don't stock the other sizes. Maybe they will turn up sometime. The other quibble is why isn't there a UK based company producing tools like these.
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