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Dozuki Master Japanese Hand Saw - 240mm

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Dozuki Master Japanese Hand Saw - 240mm

Rutlands    Part No. JP1278
  • • The world's finest Japanese hand saws made from the finest quality steel
  • • Impulse hardened tooth tips for superior sharpness and to prevent tooth breakage
  • • Each tooth is symmetrically set to ensure straight, drift free sawing
  • • Ultra thin hardened steel blade requires significantly lower sawing force
  • • Each blade is surface plated, not lacquered to prevent rust and to minimise friction
  • • Light weight yet extremely strong handles for fatigue free sawing
  • • Each blade is secured to the handle by a no-play adjustment screw,
  •   for smooth chatter free sawing

This dozuki saw has an unbelievably thin blade and will produce exceptionally fine cuts in both hardwoods and softwoods. The hand made blade tapers from front to back ensuring the saw does not bind in the wood. The blade features a reinforcing spine which not only supports the blade and prevents it from bending in use, it also adds weight to the blade.

This is important as the blade should cut under its own weight and should not be forced in any way. As is traditional with Japanese saws, this dozuki cuts on the pull stroke. Cutting in this way keeps the blade in tension during the cut giving a straighter, much more accurate cut than a push saw. The teeth are individually hardened to give them a hard, sharp outer cutting edge while keeping a softer core to each tooth.

This core acts like a shock absorber and absorbs knocks and jolts caused by the saw hitting knots and denser areas of wood that would cause the teeth to shear off lower quality saws. To remove all residual stresses in the metal and ensure the blade is perfectly flat, the blade is hand hammered along its entire length. The blade is mounted on the traditional rattan wrapped magnolia wood handle which gives a secure, comfortable and balanced grip on the saw.

This saw is an absolute joy to use and the sheer quality of the saw is reflected in the perfect finish of the cut. Ideal for rip cutting softwood and hardwoods. Made in Japan. This collection of Japanese handsaws are, quite simply, some of the finest saws you could ever possibly own. Crafted from the very finest materials, these saws are hand made by a highly respected Japanese master saw maker who has spent years learning and honing his skills.

What makes these saws superior to machine made saws is their performance and this is all due to design features incorporated in to the saw during manufacture. Look closely at the saw blade and you will see that it tapers from the front to the back. As the front is thicker than the back, there is little chance of the saw binding in the wood during cutting.

Each tooth is individually hardened at the edges only allowing the softer inner core of the tooth to remain soft and allowing the tooth to withstand the shock of hitting a knot or dense area of wood without breaking off. The blades are hand hammered along their entire length relieving stress and making the blade perfectly straight. All of these factors combine to produce a saw that is exceptionally sharp and stays sharp and will give an ultra fine cut with glass smooth cut surfaces irrespective of the wood being cut.

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