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Drill Doctor Professional 750X

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Drill Doctor Professional 750X

Drill Doctor    Part No. DD750X

• Accurate resharpening of HSS, carbide, cobalt, TiN coated and masonry bits
• Easy alignment system for accurate resharpening
• Patented chuck design makes even small drill bits easy to align
• Sharpens drill bit points at any angle between 115 and 140
• Accepts drill bits from 3/32" up to 3/4" in diameter
• Ability to put a split point on to a single point drill bit
• Made in the USA

When you think about it, it's staggering how many drill bits you can get through in a year. Some bits break and you have no option but to throw them away, but the majority of bits simply dull and become unusable. Due to their geometry, drill bits are difficult sharpen correctly so it is often more convenient to simply buy new ones. The Drill Doctor DD750X makes resharpening drill bits so simple, there is no need to throw dull drill bits away.

Capable of sharpening bits from 3/32" up to 3/4" in diameter, the DD750X has a chuck that features longer jaws than the the other models and the addition of jaw guides means the chuck offers more support to the drill bit without the risk of twisting. Not only will this Drill Doctor sharpen split point drill bits, it will also put a split point on to a single point drill bit, if you require it.

A built in push to stop system prevents the point from being over split, allowing you to split points with complete confidence. To ensure the longest possible life for your drill bits, you can adjust the amount of material removed during sharpening. The diamond sharpening wheel removes material quickly and the DD750X also features the ability to sharpen points at any angle between 115° and 140°.

With its ability to sharpen HSS, Carbide, Cobalt, TiN Coated and even masonry bits, this professional Drill Doctor will soon pay for itself in recomissioned drill dits. Supplied in a professional hard shell carrying case. 230V.
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  • Brand Drill Doctor
    Country of Origin USA
    Bit Size Capability 2.38mm - 19mm (3/32" - 3/4")
    Bit Angle Capability 115 - 140
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Ede Haier
    I am pleased with this tool, makes an awkward job easy. Having sharp drill bits result in clean cuts, no more tear out on the other side of the material.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Peter Dean
    I was originally very sceptical about drill sharpening machines; having purchased several in the past and found them totally ineffective; admittedly they didn't cost much. But the D750X is a different animal all together this WORKS. I've sharpened all my HSS and masonry drills effortlessly first time around with no problems at all. I've also re sharpened my friend drills with the same result. This is the machine to purchase; ok it's not cheap, but that's the price of excellence. It also has many nice features, e.g. adjusting sharpening and relief angles to accommodate drilling different materials. This is a great product.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: John Woodward
    What can I say, a quality product! No more throwing away worn down drill bits, this will save me loads. It can even put a split point onto a single point bit, fantastic!
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