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30m Steel Cased Tape - Metric & Imperial

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30m Steel Cased Tape - Metric & Imperial

Rutlands    Part No. 58555
A long tape measure is a very handy item to own. Whether you're measuring up for your next building project or designing a new layout for your garden, having the capacity to measure beyond a standard length tape can be very useful indeed. This professional quality long tape is made in America and features measurements in feet and inches as well as metres and centimetres. The 3/8" wide blade is yellow for better visibility and this tape has a massive 100ft (30m) capacity. Set in a steel case, the tape has a black vinyl covering for added durability. Unlike other tape measures, the long tape is not sprung so it does not retract automatically but is wound using the side mounted handle. This is an exceptional tape. Made in America.
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