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Knife Sharpener Attachment for WS2000

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Knife Sharpener Attachment for WS2000

Work Sharp    Part No. 2009
Designed for use on the WS2000 tool sharpener, this knife sharpening accessory will put a "scary sharp" edge on all types of knife from pen knives to kitchen knives and will even re-sharpen serrated blades. The attachment fits on to the WS2000 and utilises the centre spindle to drive a narrow abrasive belt through the included knife guide. This guide holds the blade at the correct angle against the belt producing a slight convex grind on the blade.

A convex grind rather than the usual concave grind allows the blade to stay sharper for much longer. By using a guide in this way, a consistent grind is produced along the length of the blade for a superior cutting performance. Abrasive belts allow the sharpener to perform all stages of sharpening from re-shaping and establishing an edge to final honing and polishing.

This kit comes supplied with three belts 1 x P120 coarse grit belt, 1 x P220 medium grit belt and 1 x 3600 fine grit belt.

* Please note: WS2000 sharpening machine is not included.
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    Written By: Mike Wild
    Using the kife sharpener kit is so easy, The system makes all knives sharper than when purchased, and strangly safer as they slice rather than slip. I have sharpened lots of knives for friends and relatives and all are amazed, i think it true to say that you may have to keep at a few knives as rubbing them against a stone as some people do to get an edge needs some work, but I have done just that and brought it back to its correct angle withy a fine edge not a brick seratted edge. Well worth it. Now its included in a discounted deal with the WS2000 you cannot lose.
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