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Tip-On 120 Unsprung Clip Top Hinge - 9.5mm Cranked Dual

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Tip-On 120 Unsprung Clip Top Hinge - 9.5mm Cranked Dual

Blum    Part No. C3487
Offering a guaranteed opening angle of 120 degrees, these hinges are unsprung and designed for use with the Tip-On system for opening handle-less doors. Made from nickel plated stainless steel, the hinges are ideal for use in kitchens and similar environments as they will not rust. Available as 9.5mm cranked for half overlay or dual doors, this hinge system is designed for a standard 18mm thick carcase.

When used with an 18mm carcase each hinge requires a 0mm mounting plate, if used with a 15mm carcase a 3mm mounting plate is required. For a fully inset door, use an 18mm mounting plate with the overlay hinge. Once mounted, these hinges offer full three dimensional adjustment of the door front for perfect alignment. These hinges have 35mm screw in bosses and are designed to fit cupboard doors 16-22mm thick.

Hinges are sold individually. Mounting plates are sold separately. These Tip-on hinges are unsprung meaning there is no force from the hinge keeping it either open or closed. This also means there is no resistance from the hinge against the opening and closing mechinism that form the basis of the Tip-on handle-less door opening system. As with the other Blum hinges, these require the cruciform mounting plates which must be ordered separately.

Please note that the hinges supplied feature bosses that screw on to the cupboard door and do not feature the expanding clip in style ones illustrated.
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