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Hushpower Vacuum with Power Take Off

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Hushpower Vacuum with Power Take Off

Rutlands    Part No. XT3500

• Finest vacuum we have tested in over 20 years
• Ideal for home, workshop or on site use
• Powerful 1200 watt motor with power tool take off socket
• Quietest motor at 65db that we have ever experienced
• Compact design made from precise and fine finish injection mouldings
• Supplied with anti-kink no mar hose, aluminium straight hose and a host of accessories
• Highly recommended and used throughout our company in offices and workshops

This is a premium quality, premium performance vacuum cleaner that we rate as the finest we have tested in our 20 years of selling vacuums. It offers all of the features required for home vacuuming, workshop and site use with over 50,000 units having been sold in Germany alone.

To start with the build quality is excellent, and noticeable as soon as you take it out of the box. The 5.4kg body is made from an impact resistant polypropylene and the injection mouldings are precisely and finely finished. The main control switch is positioned on the head of the vacuum so that you can quickly switch on and off using either your hand or foot. Without doubt this is the quietest vacuum cleaner that we have ever heard with the 1200 watt motor operating at a decibel level of just 65db. Suction power can be adjusted using a dial on the side of the body, allowing you to lower or raise the suction power subject to the vacuuming application.

The UK three pin socket on the front face of the vacuum allows you to plug in power tools up to 1500 watt. When you switch on your power tool the vacuum switches on and when you switch off your power tool the vacuum runs for 5 seconds before switching off, in order to clear the hose of debris. Inside the unit are three levels of filtration to capture and prevent dust from entering the motor. The main collection bag is made of fleece and has a large 9 litre capacity. We have used our test vacuum daily for the past 6 weeks to clean our main offices without the need to replace the bag.

The attention to detail is also excellent, there are location slots on the side and rear of the vacuum for the hose tube to be locked into during transport and the 5 metre long heavy duty cable is rubber coated to protect workpieces and to prevent the cable from knotting.

Supplied with a host of accessories including 2 metres of anti-kink no mar dust hose, 2 x 1 metre aluminium straight hoses, 30mm wide brush/brushless suction head for carpets and solid floors, crevice tool, stepped rubber adaptor to connect power tools such as sanders, routers etc and a mini brush head.

In summary this is an excellent premium quality, premium performance vacuum that we personally believe to be the finest and quietest vacuum we have ever used. You will be impressed.
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  • Diameter Hose 32mm
    Brand Rutlands
    Consumption Power 1200 watt
    Fleece Bag Capacity 9 litres
    Power Take Off < 1500 w, 230 v
    Weight 5.4kg
    Body Size 300mm x 390mm x 410mm
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: John Kane
    I am very pleased with this machine on three counts first quiet, second performance, snd third value for money
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Mr F Feld
    I do not normally write reviews however this machine deserves some praise. It looks like a premium machine as soon as you open the box and it only gets better from there on in. The noise level is very low. Many manufacturers claim low noise but this one delivers. It has some very practical design features such as variable suction control, a foot operated switch and tool stowage during transportation. I disagree with the first reviewer who called it a cross between a Henry and a Festool Midi. It is better than those.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Paul Tarbot
    Powerful, compact, ease to carry as everything has a location port and very, very quiet. Negative is that the collection bags are too expensive.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: H Davis
    Beware your wife will want this machine. Mine arrived yesterday and I assembled it in the lounge. Her indoors asked if she could try it before I took it out the workshop and got it all dusty. "It's really easy to manoeuvre and very quiet, too good for your workshop" was her comment. She's not wrong but she isn't having it!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Roger Smith
    I agree with the previous review. It is compact, very, well made and very quiet. Yes definitely a cross between a Festool and a Henry.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Paul Foxton
    I am a big Festool fan but having had my last two vacuums stolen from site I am having to work to a budget. This vacuum arrived a couple of days ago and I am more than pleased. It is much quieter than my previous Festool machines and the build quality is excellent. The on off switch is great as you can use your foot and body has a number of location slots where you can insert the wand when you are carrying the vacuum around. The motor runs for a few seconds after you switch your power tool off so that the dust hose is fully cleared (but then again so does the Festool). I would put this as a cross between a posh Henry and a Festool Midi. Great vacuum which I would not hesitate to buy again or recommend to anyone.
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