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Japanese Claws - Set of 3

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Japanese Claws - Set of 3

Rutlands    Part No. JP1420PACK3
Comprising the three most popular claws from our range, this set of three Japanese claws consists of a prybar, a cat's paw and a nail punch. The 200mm prybar features a broad, slender head with a sharpened edge that will fit easily into joints and behind moulding and trim. Gently curved, the prying head will separate the two parts of a joint without causing damage to either piece.

The head is split allowing it to also remove brads and pins. Ideal for removing all sizes of nail from panel pins to framing nails, the 300mm cat's paw features a curved head with sharpened edges that bite into and hold the nail making removal more efficient. The 160mm nail punch features a fine, tapered end for the driving of pins and nails without causing damage to the surrounding surface.

All three claws have angled cat's paws with a striking surface, allowing them to be struck with a hammer when attempting to remove fully driven in nails. The claws have sharp edges that bite into the nail giving the claws a firm grip on the nail or pin being removed. All claws are made from Japanese tool steel and are hardened for extra strength. The non machined faces have a durable black finish to protect the claws from rust.

Made in Japan. This range of Japanese cat's paws acknowledges the fact that sometimes items need to be disassembled and nails need to be removed. What is special about this range is that despite the destructive purpose of these items, they are all formed, shaped and designed to do their job causing very little or no damage to the item being worked on.

What this range offers is cat's paws that remove nails without digging in or marking the surrounding surface and pry and wrecking bars that will lever to members apart without causing harm. Each tool is made from the very finest Japanese tool steel and is precision hardened to give the highest possible performance.
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  • Brand Rutlands
    Country of Origin Japan
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Philip Rogers
    The sheer joy one gets from opening the box and seeing these little beauties and their packaging goes hand in hand with their usefulness. Beautifully made and well balanced, you can just tell they'll give a lifetime of pleasure and use. The large bar is 30cm, the medium 20cm with a 4.5cm spade end, and the nail punch is 16cm, so they are smallish tools, that being said, their construction is so solid you know they can tackle pretty much anything, allied with the cat's paw and hammer area at the end of each one and you've something indispensible. Highly recommended, Great service from Rutlands too - ordered Tuesday, received the next day!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Peter Neale
    Nicely balanced and appear to be extremely well made
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