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Japanese Hedge Shears With Branch Cutter - 180mm

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Japanese Hedge Shears With Branch Cutter - 180mm

Rutlands    Part No. JP1262

• Forged from a high carbon steel, SK-5 steel
• Ready sharpened for use out of the box
• Japanese white oak straight handles
• Remove branches up to 15mm in diameter
• Made in Japan

These Japanese hedge shears are a delight to use. The combination of very sharp blades and smooth cutting motion make them very easy to handle even over long periods of time. These shears have the added bonus of a branch lopper forged into the blade shape. This allows you to remove branches up to 15mm in diameter quickly, cleanly and without requiring other tools.

The blades are forged from SK-5 steel, a high carbon steel with added manganese that is perfect for cutting tools such as shears. SK-5 steel is tough, is highly resistant to abrasion meaning that it will not dull easily when cutting abrasive materials such as foliage and also has superior edge holding qualities so the cutting edges stay sharper for longer.

The blades are ground and sharpened at the point of manufacture and are ready for use out of the box. The two halves of the shears are held together by an adjustable nut and bolt which allows you to tighten or loosen the shears depending on your cutting requirement. It also means that these shears can be tightened should they start to slacken with use, unlike lower cost versions that are simply rivetted together.

The long, straight handles are made from Japanese white oak and have a clear satin finish that allows you to adopt a firm grip on the shears even when wearing gardening gloves. These are excellent shears an ones that you will reach for time and again for all hedge trimming and cutting tasks. Made in Japan.
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  • Brand Rutlands
    Country of Origin Japan
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Toni Swinton
    Always on the look out for tools that have more than one purpose (certainly saves space around the house, no shed sadly) Great product, thoroughly chuffed, and I got in when it had 20% off, made the deal even sweeter
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