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Japanese Precision Marking and Measuring Set of 4

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Japanese Precision Marking and Measuring Set of 4

Rutlands    Part No. JP1300KIT

• This set comprises of a 45 and 90 square, a 0mm - 15mm tapered gauge, a 500mm precision square and a 600mm precision steel rule
• The world's finest Japanese marking and measuring equipment
• Black laser etched scales and matt finishes reduce glare to aid easy readability
• Each tool is accurate to +/- 0.20mm across all lengths
• High quality hardened steel and aluminium gives the tools greater strength and durability
• Manufactured to measurement standards taken from the Japanese Standards Institute
• Perfect for the joiner and carpenter who requires absolute accuracy and precision

Made in Japan, this marking and measuring tool kit is produced by one of Japan's finest measurement tool manufacturers. Using universal metric measurement standards taken from the Japanese Standards Institute, these tools are precision made to give you absolute accuracy in your work.

45° and 90° Square - These three-dimensional layout squares allow you to transfer markings accurately from one face of the wood to its neighbouring face. By only having to reposition the square once in order to mark all the way round, the risk of error is dramatically reduced. The square is made from 3mm thick aluminium and features millimeter scales along three of its straight edges. Accuracy is +/- 0.2mm

Tapered Gauge - This tapered gauge is designed to measure holes from 1mm up to 15mm in diameter very accurately with the minimum amount of fuss. The laser etched scale is painted black to make it easy to read and is laid out in 0.1mm graduations. Made from hardened stainless steel for greater strength and durability, this gauge measures around 150mm in length and features a handy hanging loop at the top for ease of storage.

500mm Precision Square - Extremely accurate and ideal for all types of layout work, this 500mm precision square offers an accuracy of +/- 0.2mm along its entire length. Both arms feature metric scales set out in millimetre graduations. One arm has two scales with one starting at the external corner and the second at the internal one. Along both arms of the square are rare earth magnets set into the face and this allows the square to sit securely on any ferrous surface. The long arm measures 520mm x 20mm x 2.0mm and the short arm measures 270mm x 20mm x 2.0mm making this a well sized square for the carpenter and joiner.

600mm Precision Steel Rule - With the emphasis placed firmly on readability, this precision rule features two scales that run its entire length. On one side is a simple, clear millimetre scale and on the other, is a scale marked out in 0.5mm graduations. Both scales are laser etched for exceptional accuracy and then coloured black to make them easy to read. The flat matt finish to the rule assists with the readability as glare is minimised even under direct light. Made from hardened stainless steel, this rule is extremely durable and is resistant to corrosion. Measuring 1mm thick and featuring precision ground sides, the rule offers an error margin of no more than +/- 0.20mm along its entire 600mm length.
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