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Japanese Waterstone Knife Sharpener

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Japanese Waterstone Knife Sharpener

Rutlands    Part No. JP2129

• Made in Japan
• The Japanese sharpening stone runs in a trough of water to prevent blade damage
• The stone sits on two suspension arms and gently moves up and down when sharpening
• Suitable for single and double bevel edge knives
• Ideal for sharpening kitchen knives, pen knives and hunting knives

Made in Japan this premium performance knife sharpener features a Japanese ceramic sharpening stone that sits in a bath of water. The water ensures that the knife edge does not overheat and cause damage to the structure of the steel. The stone is set on a suspension system that moves the ceramic stone gently up and down following the cutting edge to achieve a constant sharpening pressure and smooth sharpening edge. The profile of the ceramic stone has been designed to sharpen both single and double bevel edge knives. Simply hold the sharpener against the kitchen work surface and gently move the knife blade through the stone from tip to toe. Several passes will result in a knife with an ultra sharp edge. Suitable for the precise sharpening of all kitchen knives, pen knives and hunting knives including Japanese white and blue paper steel laminated knives and stainless steel knives.
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    Written By: John Barker
    Excellent piece of kit! I don't own any Japanese knives, I am a Henkels 4 star user, superb everyday chef's knives. When I bought the knives, about 8 years ago, I also purchased a Global Minosharp, which worked on the same principal as this one, and although it did a great job of sharpening, it was nowhere near as well built, and fell apart within a year, the ceramic wheels broke in the middle. I then purchased the Henkels sharpener, which I still have, it worked ok, but never got the edge really sharp. It looks as if it works on the same principal as this sharpener, but doesn't, it works on the old fashioned two wheels overlapping method, nowhere near as good. My knives gradually started to show what looked like tiny serrations along the cutting edge, and I was for ever having to run them through the sharpener. This sharpener is really solidly built, and with the spring loaded wheel supports, reduces the chances of exerting too much pressure and breaking the "axle". After about 15 minutes work with each knife on this sharpener all the "serrations" have disappeared, and I now have a new bevel on the cutting edge which is SCARY sharp, better than when the knife was new! I also find I don't need to sharpen during big cooking sessions, I just give each knife about half a dozen strokes, after washing and putting away. Highly recommended.
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