Kitchen Worktop Jig - 700mm

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Kitchen Worktop Jig - 700mm

Rutlands    Part No. DK7040

• Made in the UK by the world's longest established worktop jig manufacturer
• Two layers of durable high pressure laminate
• CNC machined on a moisture resistant composite core
• Cuts worktops 400mm to 700mm wide
• Cuts 90° left and right joints
• Accurate to +/- 0.03mm to give the ultimate results
• Will last up to 300 cuts

These jigs are CNC machined in the UK by the world's longest established manufacturer of kitchen worktop jigs. They are laminated on both sides with a 1mm thick external grade High Pressure Laminate which is sandwiched around solid moisture resistant composite core. The moisture resistant core prevents absorption of atmospheric moisture which would otherwise cause distortion, while the high pressure laminate surface prevents premature wear. The high pressure laminate provides a hard wearing anti-friction surface allowing your router to glide smoothly through the cut without snagging. The 20mm diameter location pegs twist firmly down to make perfect alignment.

No wobble, no misalignment, no errors. The simple, three point pin positioning system makes these jigs the easiest to set up and use for perfect joints every time. These new jigs offer the ultimate longevity at a budget price. If used and looked after correctly each jig will last in excess of 300 cuts. Each jig is machined to within a tolerance of +/- 0.03mm to give the ultimate results, even when cutting up to 15° out of square.

With this jig you can perform the following cuts:
A: 45° Diagonal Corners
B: Straight Butt Joints
C: Straight 67.5° Joints
D: Edge Trimming
E: 90° Masons Mitre
F: "Tee" Connection
G: Straight 45° Joints
H: Masons Mitre -90°
I: Masons Mitre +90°
J: 45° Corner Cut-Off
K: Corner Rounding

This advanced jig is unlike any other available, it's unique and patented design allows both 90° and 45° corners to be produced from the one end. It is suitable for use with all types of worktop with or without an anti drip profile. These jigs are quite exceptional value and come complete with pegs and corner protectors.

*Please note that the colour supplied may differ from the blue shown in the image.
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  • ACCESSORIES Ideal with 30mm Router Guide Bush
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