Knife and Tool Sharpener

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Knife and Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp    Part No. WSKTS
Knives can be difficult to sharpen correctly. Get the angle wrong and you end up with a knife that will not cut properly. This knife and tool sharpener will give you precise, repeatable results quickly and easily. Using a series of replaceable, flexible belts, this system can shape, sharpen and hone any knife to a precise, razor sharp edge. As the system works with flexible belts rather than rigid stones or wheels, this system will sharpen much more than just straight bladed knives.

It will also sharpen curved blades and gut hooks, tanto blades, filet blades, serrated blades and virtually any other shape of blade you can think of. In fact, you do not have to stop at knives. This machine will also sharpen common tool blades such as scissors, axes and hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, shovels and just about anything else with a blade.

This sharpener is supplied with two blade guides. A 50 degree guide for hunting and utility knives puts a 25 degree bevel on either side of the blade. A 40 degree guide used for kitchen knives puts a 20 degree bevel on either side of the blade. The abrasive belts are supplied in a range of grit sizes. The coarse belts will shape or re-shape damaged blades, the medium grit will sharpen and the fine grits hone and polish to a perfect razor sharp edge.

This is an exceptional system, and one that will put a "scary sharp" edge on to virtually any blade or tool. Knife sharpener comes with two blade guides and a pack of abrasive belts. One year manufacturer's warranty.
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  • Brand Work Sharp
    Country of Origin USA
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Eddy Swindell
    I have used various sharpening systems. This is a super cool innovation that brings this professional sharpening method to anyone who likes to maintain their own blades. It is well made, very easy to use and produces incredible results. The bands provided would not be my first choice as there is a huge jump in grit rating between bands. I would usually use more of a progression. Saying that the results from the standard bands are superb and must have been selected for a reason / after much testing. I don't usually write reviews but this little product deserves it. Highly recommended. Service from Rutlands was also fantastic.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Stewart Roberts
    This is a phenomenal piece of kit, my global knives have never been so sharp even out of the factory.
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