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Large Splitting Axe

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Large Splitting Axe

Wetterlings    Part No. GD1410

• An excellent axe for splitting logs and small trunks
• Features a narrower bit than a chopping axe
• Weighs 1.5KG, and features a 29" American hickory heartwood handle
• Hand forged in Sweden with over 130 years experience

Look closely at this large splitting axe and you will see that it has a much narrower bit than a chopping axe. This makes it incredibly efficient at splitting as all of the power generated by the swing of the axe and the weight of the head is focused on a very small area of wood when it strikes. The force delivered tears through the wood splitting it apart.

An excellent axe for splitting logs and small trunks. Weight 1.5KG, handle length 29". Hand forged in Sweden. Having made them for over 130 years, you could say that Wetterlings know a thing or two about axes. Using methods that have changed very little in that time, all of their axe heads are hand forged and finished by 10 carefully selected, highly talented blacksmiths.

Every head is forged in a way that requires great skill, exacting methods and, perhaps most importantly, time. The steel is under the hammer for long periods of time to make it finer in structure. This results in an axe that is not only far stronger but much, much sharper. Being hand forged, each axe we sell is unique and has a personality of its own.

Made in Sweden, all Wetterlings axes have hand forged Swedish steel heads, hand turned, American Hickory heartwood handles and are supplied with protective leather sheaths. Age Restricted Product - It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase this product. By placing an order for this product, you confirm you are 18 years of age or over.
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  • Brand Wetterlings
    Country of Origin Sweden
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