Mini Tool Stand

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Mini Tool Stand

Rutlands    Part No. 1097

• Transform your rotary tool into a small scale drill press
• 150mm square self-standing base can be clamped or fixed to your workbench
• 340mm solid-steel arm offers 125mm maximum workpiece capacity
• Compatible with all leading rotary tools including Black & Decker and Dremel

This new mini tool stand transforms your rotary tool into a small scale drill press. The solid steel support arm is mounted onto a 150mm square base which can rest on its own, or can be clamped or fixed to your workbench. Mounted onto the support arm is a cast head unit which securely holds your rotary tool by fixing it on with the supplied locking knob. The head unit is fitted with a spring loaded rack and pinion gearing system that offers smooth height adjustment through different drilling depths, with a maximum capacity of 125mm. The gearing system is fitted with a depth stop to make repeat cuts, and can be locked in place for continuous milling. Accommodating most popular rotary tool brands such as: Black & Decker and Dremel models: 398, 395, 285 and 275, this mini tool stand is perfect for all hobbyist and craft projects.

*Please note that the available DK7117 Rotary Tool will not fit in this tool stand.

* Rotary tool not included - shown for illustration purposes only
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  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: James L. Duppenthaler
    It works well enough for the price. The instructions, however, are your enemy. They don't match what's in the box, and for 24 hours I was convinced vital pieces were missing (as well as extraneous ones added). For those of you who bought this I will save you some time by telling you that one of the red, knurled, threaded, plastic disks (no reference in the instructions) is the way you mount your rotary tool to this tool stand. Unscrew the plastic nosepiece on the rotary tool* and all will become clear. * I have Rutland Part No. DK7117
  • Copyright Rutlands Limited 2000-2017
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