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Sprinkler Stand for 32m Sprinkler Head - Stand

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Sprinkler Stand for 32m Sprinkler Head - Stand

Rutlands    Part No. GD1224
Designed for use with the 32m sprinkler head, this stand provides a solid foundation to the head regardless of the terrain it is being used on. The sturdy square section steel construction, gives strength to the assembly preventing it from moving with the motion of the water. Each of the three legs features a sharp point allowing the stand to be pushed into the ground for even greater stability.

Discs on the legs prevent them from entering too far into the ground and a central 3/4" diameter pipe accepts the head at the top and the hose at the bottom. The legs fold together for easy storage and the pipe can be adjusted to suit the height required. This stand requires a 3/4" x 2 female connectors to attach the sprinkler head to it and a 3/4" male connector to attach the hose to the bottom.

Cast brass watering systems are the choice of the professional horticulturist. Used in public gardens, parks, garden centres and nurseries, this manufacturer has an excellent reputation for producing well made, high performance watering systems and parts. All fittings are made from solid brass rather than plastic making them extremely durable and long lasting.

Plastic fittings, although cheaper, will degrade when exposed to the UV radiation from the sun and will soon start to perish and crack meaning they need to be replaced often and represent poor value for money. Brass is not susceptible to UV light nor will it corrode allowing these fittings to be used year after year making them better value for money, over time, than plastic fittings.

Fittings are made in Germany and simply twist together making the whole system very quick to assemble. Rubber inserts within the fittings ensure a water tight seal and the seal becomes stronger as the water pressure through the system increases. All of the components, regardless of internal diameter are designed to fit together. These components are certified to work at temperatures between -30 to 100 degrees Celsius meaning the external temperature should not affect your work.

This is a professional system that is favoured worldwide for its premium quality components.
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