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Pocket Hole Alignment Clamps - Pack of 4

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Pocket Hole Alignment Clamps - Pack of 4

Rutlands    Part No. DK7013PACK4
  • • Designed for use with Kreg, Dakota and other leading brands of pocket hole jigs
  • • Ensures that the joint is perfectly aligned ready to be screwed together
  • • Sold as a pack of 4 so that you can align all 4 joints of a frame in one go

These new pocket hole clamps ensure that the pocket hole joint is perfectly aligned every time, ready to be screwed together. They feature a 9.5mm pin that slots into a pre-drilled pocket which is then clamped under pressure bringing the two mating surfaces tightly together. Once positioned and with the clamp still locked in place you simple drive your screw home in an adjacent pre-drilled pocket hole. By purchasing 4 x clamps at a time you can set out and precisely position all four faces of a frame before inserting any screws. This prevents alignment issues normally associated when clamping one face at a time. Made from an impact resistant ABS plastic these clamps will enhance the joint and make pocket hole joinery much simpler and more accurate. Each clamp has a 150mm clamping length with an ABS body of 200mm.
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  • Brand Rutlands
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  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Fraser Poole
    Works well enough, definitely helps with keeping everything where you want it. The main problem is the design of the handle, you have to lift the piece off the table to turn it. Would have been much better with a ratcheted lever so everything can stay flat. Finally, I can't help feel that if instead of the solid plastic plug that goes into the pocket hole it had a thin metal sleeve you might be able to get a screw down there and remove the requirement for an adjacent hole (which you don't always have). Recommended though, better than using a long clamp.
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