Premium Foam Brushes

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Premium Foam Brushes

Dakota    Part No. DK6751

• American made specially formulated polyurethane foam brushes
• Suitable for the application of enamels, latex, oil paint, stains and varnishes
• No bristles to lose and they will leave no brush marks in your finish
• Absorb and spread the finish consistently giving a smooth, even flow
• Chisel tips on the foam assist with fine tasks such as cutting in and small details
• Easy to control with fewer strokes needed to cover the work for quality results
• Designed to be disposed of after use, but may be washed if required

These foam brushes are the ultimate finishing brushes. Why? Because there is nothing worse than applying paint, varnish or stain to a project only to find the brush has shed its loose bristles all over your smart, new finish. At best, they are a pain to remove. More often than not, they damage and spoil your finish. With a foam brush, there are no bristles to lose and it will not leave brush marks in your finish and these American made foam brushes really are the best we've ever tried.

The specially formulated polyurethane foam absorbs the finish consistently and allows it to spread out uniformly across the width of the foam giving a smooth, even flow. This means that fewer strokes are needed to cover the work. A patented polyethylene insert gives the foam support and stiffens it to a bristle like flexibilty.

The wooden handles are sized proportionately to the the foam making these brushes very easy to control. A chisel tip on the foam assists with fine tasks such as cutting in and covering small detailed areas. Suitable for the application of enamels, latex, oil paint, stains and varnishes, these foam brushes are available in three widths to suit small to large scale projects.

So whether you need a brush to apply paint to a cabinet or, like a member of our sales staff, want to apply hardwax oil to oak skirting, these brushes really are the best. These brushes are designed to be disposed of after use, but may be washed if required. Sold in packs, the 1" and 2" sizes are packs of 48 and the 3" brushes in packs of 36. The multi pack contains one pack each of the 1", 2" and 3" brushes making 132 brushes in total.
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  • Brand Dakota
    Country of Origin USA
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Glenn Cummins
    To answer the previous reviewers question. I have used these brushes with Acid Catalyst Lacquer, Two pack Polyurethane varnish and single component alkyd varnish and never had a problem. I had the same concern after reading the handles and thought maybe the foam would be damaged by such finishes but again I've not had any problems. Good price and quality.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Peter Clark
    Glad to respond to your request for a review - since Rutlands have not answered my 2 e-mails (15 & 18.11.2016) re this purchase: the brush handles bear the legend "Not suitable for shellac or lacqueurs". My previous order for foam brushes Pack of 36 Part No: DK6753) does not bear this message. not sure what is meant here by "lacqueur"? I mostly use either PU-, nitro-, alkyd- or water-based paints. Can I use these brushes with these paints? (If not, then sorry to say the whole consignment is money wasted for me).
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Clare
    These foams are brilliant! Have used them today with emulsion and gloss and couldn't be more pleased with the results. Cutting in is easy, the finish is great and they are cheap enough to throw away rather than try and clean up using noxious chemicals or gallons of water. May never use a brush again.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Gabriel Elmurz
    one word-Excellent. And rutland always give you best service
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