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Qiangsheng Luban No 6 Fore Plane - Bedrock Pattern

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Qiangsheng Luban No 6 Fore Plane - Bedrock Pattern

Rutlands    Part No. DK1182
  • • Excels at flattening large panels prior to smoothing
  • • Solid cast steel body precision ground for a flat sole and square wings
  • • Bedrock style frog is precisely machined for a perfect fit with the plane body
  • • Large stainless steel cap iron and chip breaker provide chatter free cutting
  • • 3mm thick high carbon steel blade retains a razor sharp edge
  • • Solid bubinga handles provide a firm comfortable grip
  • • Plane measures : 445mm long

Based in China, Qiangsheng Luban are experts in their field of hand plane manufacture. Using a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing processes along with tried and trusted designs, they produce planes that offer exceptional quality. Since their arrival in 2005 they have established themselves as the serious alternative to the premium plane brands from North America. Their attention to detail in the finishing process is in our opinion second to none and the weight and balance ratio is of the highest level. Qiangsheng Luban planes are an exceptionally popular choice with discerning woodworkers and cabinetmakers throughout the world.

Measuring 445mm in length, this No 6 fore plane excels at flattening large panels prior to smoothing. The long sole allows the plane to level off any peaks and troughs in the wood rather than following them as a shorter plane would. Made from steel, the plane body is fully stress relieved giving a plane that will remain true and warp free for its entire working life.

Precision machined to exacting tolerances the sole and wings are ground to be flat and square. The bedrock style frog and plane body are precision machined to fit together perfectly offering full support to the 3mm blade. This support allows the blade to cut even highly figured hardwoods with minimal tear out. Made from high carbon steel, the blade is tempered and hardened to Rc 60-64 allowing it to be sharpened to and retain a razor like edge.

The large stainless steel cap iron and chip breaker support the blade giving chatter free cutting. The solid bubinga handle and front knob are shaped for maximum comfort and control and feature a satin lacquer finish.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Jim
    I chose this as I wanted something that might be better than a Stanley (£50 less) but not as expensive as a Lie Nielsen (£100 more). If it had bought the Stanley, I would have upgraded the iron.In use I can't think that the Qiangsheng could be bettered. It is noticeably heavier than the Stanley. There is a lot less backlash on the depth adjuster. It is altogether more solid and beautifully finished. The handle and knob are very comfortable In my large hands. They are a lovely wood and beautifully finished. If I didn't already have two smoothing planes, I would by the Qiangshend No 4. In all a superb plane at a low price.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Alberto
    When I opened the box I had a pleasant surprise. The plane looks MUCH better than in the pictures of this site! Handles are made of bubinga with a very nice satin finish, not too 'heavy'. The blade and chipbreaker are amazingly thick, the overall finish is good, maybe not Veritas-like, but sure nicer than in the pictures. The sole needed a little flattening to be perfect while the blade was flat, a bit rough, but it is within the process of sharpening in any case. I honed it at 30 plus a microbevel (optimal for A2 blades like this is), it produces an incredibly smooth surface. The frog sits well on the body and the blade on the frog... excellent machining and the Bedrock is a joy over the normal construction since it allows setting the blade when still mounted and gives a better support for the blade. An excellent piece of tool at a bargaign price, highly recommended.
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