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Screw Wax Premium Wood Screw Lubricant

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Screw Wax Premium Wood Screw Lubricant

Part No. DK6791

• Make driving screws easier
• Prevents stripped screw heads
• Made in America

Lubricating the threads on screws before driving makes the screws easier to insert, prevents stripped screw heads and can also stop the wood from splitting. Over the years, woodworkers have turned to many products such as oils, waxes and even soap in order to make the process of screwing easier and more efficient. Some of these lubricants can cause problems, waxes and oils can stain or discolour the wood and soap attracts moisture causing the screw to corrode. Specially formulated, this entirely natural screw wax will not discolour wood nor will it effect the screws it is applied to.

Made in America, Screw Wax contains premium grade beeswax and food grade carnauba wax blended with top grade liquid waxes to form a smooth wax paste that does not flake but is soft and sticky for excellent adhesion to the screw. To use, simply cover the first four threads of the screw with the wax and then use the screw as normal. We were astonished to see the difference this wax made when inserting screws into an oak block; the addition of the wax meant less time and less effort was required. Highly recommended. 38g tin.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Tim Crawford
    This Screw Wax is wonderful stuff. A quick dab on the end of the screw and its home before you know it.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: P Bainbridge
    Im a newbie woodworker and was struggling with putting screws into an oak bookcase Ive been making. A woodworking pal recommended that I try this screw wax as it would make it easier to insert the screws. I wasnt convinced but he lent me his tin and I couldnt believe what a difference it made. The screws went in with no bother and not much effort. Ive got my own tin now and wouldnt be without it.
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