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Set of 11 Bevel Edge Chisels - Hornbeam Handles

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Set of 11 Bevel Edge Chisels - Hornbeam Handles

MHG    Part No. 1311311

• Premium quality woodworking chisels made in Germany by MHG
• Chrome vanadium steel blades give the chisels a long working life
• Each blade is tempered and hardened to take and hold a razor sharp edge
• European straight grain hornbeam handles provide strength and durability
• Steel reinforcing bands and deep ferrules prevent handles spreading and splitting
• Precision ground and sharpened before they leave the factory

Due to the unprecedented demand we have had from our customers for the MHG range of chisels, we are pleased to offer this set of 11 metric bevel edge chisels. An ideal starting point for anyone wishing to upgrade their chisel collection, these premium quality chisels are beautifully presented in a fitted, solid beech box. Produced in Germany, each blade is forged from the finest chrome vanadium steel and then hardened to Rc-61 along its entire length meaning each chisel can hold, and retain a razor sharp edge for its entire working life.

The blades are then honed and mirror polished. Long, integral tangs hold the blades firm in the solid, European hornbeam handles which have steel reinforcing loops at both the top and bottom to prevent the handle splitting or spreading when struck with a mallet. The handles also feature two flat surfaces to prevent them rolling off the workbench. This set comprises 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22, 25, 32 and 38mm chisels.

Overall lengths range from 244mm - 305mm. Made entirely in Germany from the highest quality materials, MHG chisels come from the centuries old traditions of fine tool making but are produced using the very latest forging and hardening processes. This gives a chisel that is extremely efficient and incredibly reliable. The blades are premium quality German chrome vanadium; a metal that has a much higher resistance to metal fatigue than other tool steels and is perfect for tools that are designed to be struck with a mallet.

Each blade is tempered and hardened to RC-61 along its entire length, giving a blade that will take and hold a razor sharp edge as well at the end of its working life as it did when new. The handles are made from slow growing European hardwoods selected for their straight grain and strength. Supported by a steel band, the handles will not spread or split in use and offer exceptional support to the deep seated tangs. Precision ground and sharpened before they leave the factory, MHG chisels are built for hard work and perform flawlessly.
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  • Brand MHG
    Country of Origin Germany
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  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Murray Macleod
    No question that these are superb chisels, and my rating of four stars rather than five relates to the fact that I really hate the feel of the lacquer which has been applied both to to the chisel handles and also to the outside of the (very well made and attractive ) box. This lacquer obviously has some kind of silicone content which gives a horrible slippery feel to the handles (and to the box) and which actually leaves my hands feeling contaminated. I will have to scrape this finish completely off both the handles and the box, and refinish the handles with a nitro lacquer which will offer much more of a grip ( and I will first apply a shellac sealer just in case there is any remaining silicone contaminant). But, as I say, that is the only issue I have with these chisels ...I look forward to using them on my future guitar builds, and I have no doubt that they will become much loved and much used over the years to come.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Richard Denton
    Quality shines through
    Magnificent, these were a Christmas present from my son and I am overjoyed with them. A quality product, even the box they come in is great. Will have to get some more projects going straightaway
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Ian
    All most too good to use. You do find yourself just opening the box just to look at them..
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: T Grainger
    Before you open the box, you get the feeling there is a quality product inside and these chisels certainly do not disappoint. The steel is very hard and does take longer to sharpen but this is balanced by the fact the blade holds it edge much longer and you do get an edge sharp enough to shave with. In over 30 years of woodworking I have never used chisels that perfom as well as these.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Graham White
    First off - nice box! Always good to have a nice place to keep a sharp chisel rather than kicking about on a bench somewhere.I like the look and feel of the chisels-so onto sharpening... Crikey the steels hard!I've heard some say that chrome vanadium is not to good for chisels but i have to disagree,yes VERY hard to lap the backs flat(rounded edges due to polishing) but on my oil stone flooded with oil I get very little clogging and the metal cuts nicely if some what slowly !! I would suggest starting at 12mm and working down so your not put off by the 38mm size! I think after a few good honing/laping sessions the backs will be perfect and I got these sharp enough to shave with with hardly any effort after that. Its early days but im hoping if the steel is that hard to sharpen then it should stand up to MDF etc. as they are exceptionally hard on chisel edges :)
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