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Set of 3 - Digital Tools

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Set of 3 - Digital Tools

Rutlands    Part No. DIGISET3
*PACK OFFER* ....This Digital Tool Set offers exceptional value for money and contains everything you need to set accurate heights, depths, distances and more... Digital Wheel Marking, Height and Depth Gauge 3-in-1, Digital Plane Blade Set Up Gauge 3-in-1 and Digital Snap-Check Machine Set Up Gauge...

Digital Wheel Marking, Height and Depth Gauge 3-in-1...

• Mark perfectly straight lines... as well as set accurate heights, depths and distances
• Designed with a very large and easily readable LCD display
• Displays increments of 0.01mm, 0.005" and 64ths of fractions
• Hardened marking wheel slices through grain rather than tearing, or following the grain
• Use for a whole range of height and depth measuring and even as a digital ruler
• Robust, aluminium finish gives the unit a sturdy construction and professional feel

This digital three in one tool has been specifically designed for woodworkers who will need to mark perfect straight lines on their stock, set blade or router bit heights, or the distance from the router or table saw fence, and even measure mortice depths. Designed with a very large and easily readable LCD display, the innovative patent-pending tool has three settings of measurements: millimetres, inches or fractions, each with extraordinary accuracy displayed in increments of 0.01mm, 0.005" and 64ths of fractions. The hardened alloy wheel marking gauge will slice through and over the grain to help mark a perfectly straight line in your stock. The adjustable depth stop allows for mortice depths to be measured. With the mortice depth stop removed, the tool can be used for a whole range of height and depth measuring and even as a digital ruler. The shatterproof polycarbonate screen surrounds house a 3V CR2032 battery, which comes included, and also makes the unit humidity and dust resistant to test IP54. Measures 240mm in length.

Digital Plane Blade Set Up Gauge 3-in-1...

• Precisely set the depth of cut of your plane iron or planer knives in seconds
• Check blade depth, blade square and blade convex
• Rare earth magnets secure the gauge to the plane during adjustments
• Precision readout in inches, millimetres and fractions...
  to an accuracy of 0.01mm or 1/128th"
• Measuring range: 0mm to 4mm on a super large display

This is the most accurate plane gauge ever for setting both hand plane irons and planer knives. It will check plane depth, blade square and blade convex. When setting up a hand plane or power plane to take fine shavings you need to be able to measure and read the depth of cut. This gauge eliminates the guess work and allows you to easily check cutting depth and confirm that the iron is parallel to the mouth opening or planing beds. The gauge head features two rare earth magnetic base that hold tight to the bottom of the plane and displays cutting depth and parallelism along flat or convex cutting edges with an accuracy of 0.01mm. It introduces precision and repeatability to a process that all but eliminates micro-adjustments and test cuts, saving valuable time and avoiding frustration. Supplied with 3V battery.

Digital Snap-Check Machine Set Up Gauge...

• Perfect for accurate set up of planer knives, circular saw blades and router cutters
• Features rare earth magnets for hands free set up
• 50mm measuring capacity and accurate to 0.001mm
• Displays in metric and imperial

Setting up tools and machinery has never been easier, faster or more accurate. Snap-Check features a large easy to read digital readout that is actuated by a plunger. The plunger is controlled by a reliable spring movement. Powerful rare earth magnets rigidly lock the gauge to cast iron and steel machine beds to provide a secure connection, leaving both hands free to make machine adjustments. The digital display and control buttons make it easy to zero out at the touch of a button and measurements can be changed to be displayed in metric or imperial graduations in 0.01mm, 0.0005" or 1/64". Accurate to 0.001mm it has a measuring range from 0mm to 50mm and a depth reading gauge from 0mm to -6.5mm. This tool will speed up and improve set up accuracy and is ideal for setting up planer knives, router cutter heights and circular saw blade cutting depths. It comes as standard with both flat and ball tip anvils, a spare battery and turns off automatically to save battery life.
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    Written By: Garry Nicholls
    Purchased these a few weeks ago have used them all especially the Digital Wheel Marking gauge You cant go wrong at this price.
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