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Set of 3 Japanese Pliers with Phos Bronze Bearings

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Set of 3 Japanese Pliers with Phos Bronze Bearings

Rutlands    Part No. JP1296SET
This set comprises of three exceptional pairs of pliers. Each pair offers ultra smooth opening and closing motion as well as perfect gripping and cutting performance. The combination of strong steel bodies and bronze bearing hinges, makes all three of these pliers incredibly durable. Bronze is the ideal material for moving parts such as hinges as it is highly wear resistant and will not rust.

This means that even after many years of regular use, the hinge will function as well as it did when the pliers were new. It also means that should these pliers fall foul of damp storage conditions and become rusty, they will still work perfectly. The combination pliers have knurled gripping surfaces at the front of the jaws for excellent purchase on whatever you are trying to hold.

The back of the jaws towards the hinge are sharpened allowing these pliers to be used as cutters for wire between 2mm to 2.6mm in diameter. The wire cutters have ultra sharp jaws and are capable of cutting wires between 1.8mm and 2.3mm in diameter. A favourite gripping tool, the long nosed pliers feature a tapered nose and give a delicate grip without reducing visibility.

The grips are knurled for better purchase on the wire or other object you are holding and at the back of the jaws, a wire cutter has ultra sharp blades to slice through any wire you wish to cut. All non machined parts of all of the pliers feature a matt black protective finish. The contoured handles of the pliers have soft foam grips on them giving you a comfortable, non-slip grip even with damp hands.

Made in Japan.
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