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Multi-Profile Set of 3 x Japanese Sharpening Stones

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Multi-Profile Set of 3 x Japanese Sharpening Stones

Rutlands    Part No. JP1414SET

• Designed specifically for the accurate sharpening of profiled carving tools
• Convex profiles allow for incannel honing and polishing
• Concave channels accurately sharpen and hone external bevels
• Fine stone hones and sharpens to add a final razor sharp edge
• Medium stone rapidly restores a dull edge to a sharp edge
• Coarse stone reshapes and sharpens a blunt or damaged edge
• Each stone measures 155mm x 60mm x 15mm

Specially designed for use with profiled chisels and gouges, these sharpening stones feature a number of shapes and contours. Containing three stones in coarse, medium and fine grits, this set allows you to re-shape, sharpen and hone your carving tools. Each stone has three convex radii for incannel sharpening of gouges and veiners. A fourth convex shape lets you sharpen V-tools accurately with no loss of form. At the other end of the stones, five concave radii make outcannel sharpening very easy with no risk of creating flat spots or accidentally re-shaping the gouge. All stones measure 155mm x 60mm x 15mm. Made in Japan.


Man has been sharpening edge tools with stones for thousands of years. Until very recently, the stones used were mined or quarried in specific parts of the world where the local stone exhibited all the necessary qualities required of a good sharpening stone, including and most importantly a consistent grit size.

With the introduction of new technologies, it was possible to create synthetic sharpening stones with specific grit sizes using a mixture of abrasive compounds suspended in a soft bonding material. As the supply of the premium quality natural stone has become depleted and almost exhausted, man made sharpening stones have have become more popular. Now favoured by many over the natural stones, when you purchase a synthetic Japanese sharpening stone you are guaranteed a stone with a uniform grit size that will produce consistent, high quality results when sharpening and will not vary in quality from stone to stone.
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  • Brand Rutlands
    Country of Origin Japan
    JP1416 Fine Stone
    JP1415 Medium Stone
    JP1414 Coarse Stone
    Dimensions 155 x 60 x 15mm
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Richard Webb
    Really useful if your getting flat spots when sharpening gouges, These will help you. These total work,
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Norman Tack
    Bought these in the winter sale, bargain price and excellent quality, very pleased
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