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Set of 3 Tornado Kitchen Worktop Cutters - D=1/2" H=2" S=1/2"

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Set of 3 Tornado Kitchen Worktop Cutters - D=1/2" H=2" S=1/2"

Rutlands    Part No. KWJSET3

• Straight bits with end cutting - D=1/2" H=2" S=1/2"
• Specifically designed for cutting kitchen worktops
• German tungsten carbide
• Anti-kickback design
• Coated to prevent snagging and binding
• No 1 selling cutter in USA

This set of three kitchen worktop cutters are specifically designed for routing composite materials such as MDF, which are sandwiched between two layers of laminate. Their anti-kick back design combined with the tungsten carbide hook angle minimises the risk of chipping the laminate edge. The cutters have a unique coating that prevents swarf and dust from collecting in the flutes to ensure that the cutter does not snag or bind. The cutters have precision machined 1/2" shank and the twin flute TCT cutting edges measure 2" x 1/2" in diameter. The geometry of the cutters allows for fast action plunge cutting. Made from German tungsten carbide and in accordance with strict German DIN standards these are premium performance, professional cutters that will retain their edge long after others have become blunt. They should not be confused with the array of low cost, budget cutters found elsewhere. Sold as a set of 3.


Since their launch in 1998 these premium cutters are now the best selling cutters in North America. The bits are designed in anti kick back style in accordance with strict German DIN standards to ensure maximum operator safety. The 10 to 15 degree shear angle means that the tungsten cutting edges remain in constant contact with the workpiece to provide a softer, chatter free cut. The bits feature right hook angles which guarantee a smooth cut due to the super fast removal of the chips. Combine these benefits with the hard wearing micro grain carbide tips and the perfectly balanced machined steel bodies and you have a premium quality, premium performance router cutter at a realistic price level. Highly recommended by Rutlands for discerning home woodworkers, fine cabinet makers, joiners and kitchen fitters.
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  • Brand Rutlands
    D 1/2"
    H 2"
    S 1/2"
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Chris Chatfield
    excellent value and quality, produce a precise cut on all the worktops I use from butt and scribe to sink cutouts etc.
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