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Set of 6 Firmer Gouges - Hornbeam Handles

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Set of 6 Firmer Gouges - Hornbeam Handles

MHG    Part No. 1321006
This set of six professional grade firmer gouges are designed for the cabinet maker or carpenter. Used to cut precise flutes and grooves in furniture and wooden panels and architraves, these gouges can also be used to sculpt and shape curved surfaces accurately and efficiently. Produced entirely in Germany from the highest quality materials, these gouges feature forged German chrome vanadium steel blades.

Chrome vanadium steel is well known for its resistance to metal fatigue making it the ideal metal for chisels and gouges which are designed to be struck with a mallet or hammer. The blades are tempered and hardened to Rc-61 before being mirror polished and hand sharpened. Due to the hardness of the blade, these gouges will take a little longer to resharpen however the blades do hold a sharp edge for much longer and will produce fine clean cuts in both hardwoods and softwoods.

The handles are made from solid, premium grade hornbeam, a dense straight grained hardwood prized for its strength. Ergonomically shaped, the handles are comfortable to hold and feature a broad steel reinforcing band at the top to prevent the handle from spreading or splitting when struck. A similar deep steel ferrule holds the blade firm in the handle.

The overall design of these chisels makes them perfectly balanced in the hand which, in turn, makes them effortless to control. This beautiful set of firmer gouges is worthy of any cabinetmakers workshop. Geniune craftsman's tools you will want to use over and over again. Set comprises 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 26mm out cannel style firmer gouges presented in a fitted, solid beech case.

Overall chisel lengths are 245mm - 282mm. Made entirely in Germany from the highest quality materials, MHG chisels come from the centuries old traditions of fine tool making but are produced using the very latest forging and hardening processes. This gives a chisel that is extremely efficient and incredibly reliable. The blades are premium quality German chrome vanadium; a metal that has a much higher resistance to metal fatigue than other tool steels and is perfect for tools that are designed to be struck with a mallet.

Each blade is tempered and hardened to RC-61 along its entire length, giving a blade that will take and hold a razor sharp edge as well at the end of its working life as it did when new. The handles are made from slow growing European hardwoods selected for their straight grain and strength. Supported by a steel band, the handles will not spread or split in use and offer exceptional support to the deep seated tangs.

Precision ground and sharpened before they leave the factory, MHG chisels are built for hard work and perform flawlessly.
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    Written By: M Adams
    As a fine furniture maker, I prefer to hand cut for accuracy rather than router cut for speed especially when adding flutes, beads and other detailing. I recently replaced my old set of firmer gouges with these ones from MHG and I am extremely impressed with both the quality and performance. Working mostly in native hardwoods, I need tools that are capable of doing the job and these gouges are truly outstanding in their edge holding properties and their performance. Next time I need to replace chisels, Rutlands will be my first port of call.
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