Starter Kit

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Starter Kit

Magswitch    Part No. 8110134

• The universal base for adding Magswitch accessories
• Supplied with two Magjig 150s for mounting the kit to your table
• Also included is a reversable featherboard and adaptors for Magjig 95s
• Designed by Magswitch, the forefront of switchable magnet technology

Getting accessories to fit a tablesaw, bandsaw, jointer or any other woodworking machine can be difficult; you have to consider track dimensions, table size and many other factors. Magswitch offer the perfect solution as their range of products are compatible with any machine that has an iron or steel table or fence. This starter kit features a universal base that allows you to attach any of the Magswitch accessories to it.

The compact size of this base means it will fit comfortably on any size of table or fence as required. Two Magjig 150s are supplied with the base and provide the fixing power for the universal base. Each of these magjigs provide 150lbs of clamping force onto the table or fence meaning whatever you have attached to the universal base will not creep or shift even under heavy use.

Included with this starter kit is a featherboard that simply clips onto the universal base. Reversible in its design, this featherboard can be used either side of the blade and on all fences and table tops. Starter kit comes with Universal Base, two Magjig 150s, a reversible featherboard, two adaptors for Magjig 95s and fixing hardware. Magswitch are at the very forefront of switchable magnet technology.

Their specially developed products use permanent magnets rather than electromagnets meaning that Magswitch clamps do not need a power supply and this makes them much safer in use. All of Magswitches technology uses rare earth magnets. Exceptionally powerful, rare earth magnets generate a far stronger magnetic field for their size than conventional permanent magnets.

This means a small rare earth magnet is capable of holding weights far in excess of the capability of a conventional permanent magnet of the same size. The benefit of this is that Magswitch clamps and jigs are unobtrusive in use and just the right size for the job. The magnets switch on and off with a simple turn of a handle and the jigs can be placed exactly where you need them, with no fuss and little effort.

These jigs can be used on any ferrous surface regardless of whether it is a saw bench top or a planer fence. Very easy to use, this range of jigs and clamps make woodworking much safer.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Tim Hunter
    This is a seriously hefty bit of kit, much bigger and more robust than I was expecting. The switchable magnets work really well on the cast iron table of my table saw. A really simple way to position your featherboards for safer cutting.
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