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Professional Snow and Leaf Shovel

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Professional Snow and Leaf Shovel

Rutlands    Part No. DK6200

• Ergonomic design puts less strain on back muscles
• Tubular aluminium shaft makes the shovel strong and light
• Dual handled for a solid grip and better balance
• Polypropylene handles for greater insulation against the cold
• Generous 550mm wide by 380mm shovel head holds more snow
• It's perfect for scooping up leaves too!

With heavy snowfalls becoming a regular occurrence through the winter, it is now more important than ever to own a reliable snow shovel. Whether it's clearing drives and pathways at home or digging your vehicle out of the car park at work, a good snow shovel will always keep you moving. After extensive testing, we have found a snow shovel that not only moves snow very efficiently, it is also very comfortable to use. This is why we think it's the Ultimate Snow Shovel.

Ergonomically designed for optimum user comfort, this snow shovel has a cranked shaft to reduce the strain on the user's back. Made from tubular section aluminium, the shaft is strong and light and features two tough polypropylene handles; one at the top and the other that can be placed further down the shaft to give you a stable two handed grip. A rubberised sleeve covers most of the aluminium shaft to offer the user extra protection from the cold; so, should you need to grip the shaft rather than the handle, your hands stay warmer while you work. This rubberised sleeve can be moved along the shaft or even cut by the user to allow the second handle to be placed where it's needed. Even better, the mid shaft handle can be adjusted to suit left or right handed users.

Generously proportioned, the head of the snow shovel is 550mm wide by 380mm tall giving the ability to remove a large patch of snow with a single scoop. A hard rubber edging strip along the edge of the shovel protects drives and pathways from damage and also reduces the noise made by the shovel in use. This really is an exceptional snow shovel. Overall length 1535mm.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: P Trimble
    I would not hesitate to recommend this snow shovel. The handle is bent to make pushing and lifting easier on the back. The handle is positioned so that you can lift the shovel even when full of snow. Great buy - buy one!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Joe Wilson
    Picture does not do these shovels justice. They are very well made, have a very large mouth and make clearing snow (dare I say it) fun. Don't compare to cheap shovels from petrol stations or garden centres - these are the real thing.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Ross Dixon
    Good shovel, works well in recent snow, but very frustrating to assemble. It wasn't until I saw the photograph in the review that I realised that 'my' shovel had been supplied with a longer plastic sleeve on the shaft. This meant that the handle could not be attached as the bolts weren't long enough! OK once a section of sleeve removed.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: E Dack
    Living on the Durham/Cumbria border, we get lots of snow in the winter and I have never yet found a snow shovel that's been up to the job of clearing my drive and pathways. This shovel, however, should be man enough for the job. It's huge without being heavy; in fact I was surprised at how light it actually is and it feels very solid when assembled. I just need some snow to try it out and will possibly add to this review when I've had chance to use it in anger. Winter - Bring it on!
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