Tilting Angle Vice

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Tilting Angle Vice

Rutlands    Part No. DK7104

• Tilts at any angle between 0° and 90°
• Pre-drilled stops for positive location at every 15°
• 100mm x 40mm all steel jaws
• 100mm clamping capacity back to front
• CNC machined from grey iron castings
• Weighs an impressive 8kg
• Ideal for fitting onto a drill press or direct to a workbench

This 100mm wide drill vice is manufactured from grey iron castings that have been CNC machined on all mating components for smooth and precise movement. The vice will tilt at any angle between zero and 90° and a calibrated scale shows the angle of inclination in degree increments. A series of holes are drilled into the side of the vice which accept a steel peg to create stops at every 15° of inclination. The 100mm x 40mm steel jaws are fractionally back tapered to prevent the workpiece from rising when removing the drill bit and the front jaw face has a groove machined into it, in order to clamp square or rectangular workpieces in either a vertical or horizontal position.

The acme thread lead screw and tommy bar are electronically plated to prevent rusting and discolouration. The base of the vice features an adjustment screw to recalibrate the zero angle if ever required. This is a very substantial vice with a foot print of 190mm square and a jaw opening capacity of 100mm. Four slots in the base allow for mounting to a drill press or direct to the work bench. Ideal for woodworkers, engineers and mechanics.
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  • Brand Rutlands
    Clamping Capacity 100mm
    Tilt Angle 0° - 90°
    Jaw Width 100mm x 40mm
    Weight 8kg
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Tom Findlay
    I've just purchased this vice and feel happy in saying that it is excellent value for money. Its 8kg mass fits perfectly on my pillar drill table. Its tilting mechanism glides smoothly and locks well. Its 90 degree scale could be made clearer to see, but it's not that bad. Its 100mm wide x 40mm deep jaws are fixed in place by Allen cap screws from the back, which pleasingly makes them removable, but I do however see that one of those screws will need to ground shorter because it sticks through into the material holding space, that's a minor detail though. A tiny piece of the cast body will need to be filed away to allow the tilt mechanism to sit at a perfect zero degrees horizontally, but again, an extremely minor thing to take care of. And the fact that its mass is great enough that it doesn't need to be bolted down for most small drilling jobs, is a good thing too. OK, so it's not constructed to the same tolerances as an engineering vice, but it's not that far away, I'm impressed, and, I'll go as far as to say it could be used for many everyday machining jobs if fixed down properly. Finally, what I find cute is that the locking pin for locating the index holes, has obviously been ground by hand by some worker as they have stood in front of a grinding wheel in a far away machine shop. I view this as a bit of personalisation and a great little feature. All things considered, I'll give this deal by Rutlands a 10 out of 10.
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Peter Woowat
    Good value for money, a tool is no good no matter how cheap if it doesn't work. This performs well enough, is nice and heavy, has a flat and stable base, holds round and flat bar very securely and has the added benefit of tilting. It is, however, a rough and ready construction with a lot of slop on the leadscrew and rough edges to the casting which makes it feel cheap although this doesn't seem to prevent it from doing its job of holding the workpiece. if you want a precision tool, then you will need to pay a lot more for something with a quality casting and adjustable jib, but if on a budget, then this is a worthwhile buy.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Peter Neale
    Very solid bit of kit, smooth action and looks as if it will take a lot of punishment.
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